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It is common for new positions to be created by companies to meet their needs. With the buzz that the metaverse is the next big idea in marketing and industry, there are plenty of companies wanting a piece of that land. Thus, it seems that the wave of Chief Metaverse Officer (CMO) has become a must-have for brands like Telefonica, Creative Artists Agency and many others. But what is this position for?

Users “interacting” in the metaverse (Image: Lucrezia Carnelos/Unsplash)

Let’s get this out of the way: the CMO, or Chief Metaverse Officer, is a professional designed to help a company understand more about NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the whole idea of ​​immersion in the internet. It arose from the idea that this metaverse will increasingly be an integral part of people’s lives, that is, if there are users, there will have to be marketing.

That CMO could be an avatar like Leon from the advertising company Publicis Groupe, for example. He even has a profile on LinkedIn and a French accent, but it doesn’t really exist, not in the “real” world, I mean.

YouTube video

However, brands like Procter & Gamble, LVMH and Telefonica are already hiring real people to fill the role of CMO. The goal is to open the doors of the so-called “meta jungle” for both the company and its customers. Explaining in different ways the characteristics and opportunities of the metaverse.

It’s worth noting the way Leon speaks in the video. The avatar uses memes, games and jokes to give the feeling that this is all something for a modern audience. Putting the boomers aside.

Just like any market trend, this virtual world is making the most diverse companies run after to secure a corner.

According to analysts at Gartner Inc., one in four people will spend an hour a day in the metaverse in the next few years. Of course, this indicates, to marketers at least, that companies need to be present in this world, closer to their consumers.

McKinsey & Co consultants. estimate that annual global spending could reach US$ 3 trillion by 2030 in this digital immersion universe. So it’s not surprising that many want to take this train.

There are even articles on the internet, such as this one Forbes, which try to present the qualities that a Chief Metaverse Officer needs to have. Whether we like it or not, there is a strong movement on the part of the advertising industry to introduce the metaverse into common use.

With information: BNN Bloomberg.

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