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On Tuesday (20), game publisher 2K confirmed that it was the latest victim in a series of attacks that have hit tech giants since last week. According to Take-Two, which owns the publisher, the onslaught affected the company’s entire customer support sector and, so far, the service is down.

Borderlands 3 (Image: Handout/Gearbox)

The first information was reported fur Bleeping Computer. According to the site, users would be receiving emails informing them that they had opened support tickets.

The malicious messages actually contained an executable file of the RedLine, malware that steals credentials saved in browsers. Some people even shared the messages on Reddit.

After the flurry of customer complaints, the company finally decided to go public. On its Twitter profile, the game publisher apologized and confirmed the incident, claiming that an intruder had gotten hold of their support system credentials.

“Hi everyone, please read an important message from our Customer Support team. Thanks.”

Also in the statement, the company said it had immediately alerted its users to the action. 2K advised them to be cautious when opening unknown support-related emails.

Customers were reminded that 2K would never ask for their password or any other sensitive information and would inform them when the company’s website and emails were free of threats.

If users have already clicked on suspicious links, the publisher advises them to change all passwords saved in their browsers and install some antivirus. Furthermore, it is important enable two-factor authenticationwhen available.

Attacks terrorize tech companies

This is the latest incident in a series of attacks on major technology companies, including: video game studios, applications and fintech companies.

Apparently, after GTA 6 was leaked last weekendthe FBI and the US Department of Justice are investigating the hackers suspected of the attack in partnership with Uber, which was also a victim.

Now, both companies are working in partnership with the police to track down the Lapsus$ group, suspected of being responsible for the leak of GTA 6 and the attack on Uber, although there is no proof of involvement.

With information: Bleeping Computer and The Verge

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