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For fans of handheld video game consoles, here’s a good opportunity: the Nintendo Switch can come out this Monday (19) for just BRL 2,004.68 with Zoom cashback applied – lowest price recorded in stores during recent months.

Nintendo Switch (Image: Handout / Nintendo)

The promotional value of BRL 2,179 is for an ad on Amazon, where you can pay in up to 10x of BRL 217.90 without interest if you prefer not to pay cash. And Amazon Prime subscribers have free shipping in this purchase.

To get the additional discount, you must activate the Zoom cashback before going to the store, logging in to the platform to receive 8% of the amount back (R$ 174.32), which can later be withdrawn to your bank account.

With this reduction, the original Nintendo Switch is approximately BRL 695 cheaper than the suggested price of BRL 2,699 for the model with an OLED screen, which is starting to be officially sold in Brazil only on September 26.

If you prefer to wait for some promotion of the OLED model, join the groups of the TB findings at the telegram and Whatsapp. There we post first hand the best offers on the internet for you to save on your purchases.

Is it worth buying a Nintendo Switch?

With the possibility to have fun anywhere, Nintendo Switch is an interesting option for those who want to spend time between commutes or breaks from work, for example.

Another feature that draws attention in the product are the controls, which can be detached from the console’s body and used remotely together or individually by 2 people to play simultaneously.

It is worth noting that despite being a portable device, the Nintendo Switch can handle even heavier games, such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Monster Hunter Rise and Diablo 3, going beyond the classics Pokémon, Zelda and Mario.

If you want to enjoy games on a bigger screen with better quality, you can also play games connected to the TV through the charging base, which transmits an output signal through the HDMI port in 1080p at 60 fps.

As for autonomy out of the socket, this model announced is already the revised version by Nintendo, which now has a longer battery life, reaching up to 9 hours of continuous use depending on the game and your selected graphics settings.

Based on all this, we can say that the original model is not much different from the one with OLED screenmaking the purchase a viable alternative for those who want to save money, especially when they are BRL 2,004.68 with Zoom cashback applied.

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