October PS Plus has Injustice 2 and Hot Wheels Unleashed

Three new titles will be offered to anyone who subscribes to any PlayStation Plus tier in October. This time, all are games well accepted by critics and the public, guaranteeing variety for players. The highlight goes to the combats of injustice 2a work developed by the same studio as the franchise Mortal Kombat. Furthermore, the insane tracks of Hot Wheels Unleashed and the stylish gameplay of super hot are also part of the treats.

Three good titles in October (Image: Disclosure / PlayStation)

First of all, for you to add any of these games to your library, just go to the PS Plus page on your PS4 or PS5. You can also do this through the PS app. Then just install and enjoy the game. It is worth remembering that if the subscription is canceled, it will no longer be allowed to download any of these titles.

Injustice 2 (PS4 version)

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The direct sequence of Injustice: Gods Among Us came out in 2017. Its narrative follows the events of the first game, but with the addition of a new villain: Brainiac. New characters join the fray like Supergirl, Captain Cold and Black Canary.

It is worth mentioning that this is the base version of injustice 2. Fighters like Starfire and Raiden are DLCs that are not included here. In addition, battles played with combos and unique skills continue to be present.

Hot Wheels Unleashed (PS4 and PS5 Version)

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One of the surprises of 2021, this racing game puts cars from the famous brand on tracks full of curves and risky maneuvers. It is possible to build complete courses to challenge other players as well as yourself.

In multiplayer mode, you can play split-screen or against up to 12 opponents online. You can expect crazy loops and jumps at every turn, as well as secret paths to secure first place. Hot Wheels Unleashed It was highly rated by critics upon its release.

Superhot (PS4 version)

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This one is for those who like weirder games. Superhot is an FPS full of polygons, but with one more challenge: time only moves when the player moves through the scenario. That way, you can plan your strategies well before you start shooting at everyone.

The slow-motion action presents a contrasting agility to what is offered, however, once you master the controls, the gameplay becomes a ride.

Remembering that all three games will be available between October 4th and 31st.

Which will you try first?

With information: PlayStation Blog.


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