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Games like guitar hero and rock band are still very much loved by gamers, who miss the gameplay that is easy to learn and difficult to master. To embrace this nostalgia, the title Trombone Champ brings a similar rhythmic style, but with an instrument rarely seen in games. Well, it’s not exactly the same thing, but it’s worth putting your mouth, or rather your fingers, into this endeavor.

Trombone Champ (Image: Disclosure / Holy Wow)

Developed and published by the American studio Holy Wow, Trombone Champ arrived on the Steam store on the 16th of September and has already exploded in popularity on the internet. The simplicity of the work is mixed with its crazy and dynamic gameplay.

That is, while the Nintendo Mii-faced player avatar is on the right side of the screen, the musical notes move to the left side. That way, you have to move the mouse and use the keyboard at the right time to get the rhythm right.

From there, the fun is in the mess of the sounds that appear, something chaotic and hilarious. Of course, it is possible to learn the game’s characteristics well to master it, but its uncompromising side is highly encouraged in the game.

There’s even the good old freeplay mode, which enhances the improvisation of the more than 20 songs available. They bring successes like Fifth SymphonyBeethoven’s and Take me to the ball game by Norworth and Von Tilzer.

Trombone Champ costs R$ 28.99 in Steam.

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The game offered by the Holy Wow studio is certainly nice, but the nostalgia for rock ‘n roll in games like guitar hero and rock band remains.

The latest title in the series that has been successful since the PlayStation 2 was released in 2015. Guitar Hero Live failed to reach the same level as the previous ones in the franchise. Also, Activision shut down the servers in 2018, causing over 90% of music to become inaccessible.

rock band 4the last of the main franchise, also arrived in 2015. However, the servers are still active in 2022. Even so, the work did not achieve the success expected by the developer Harmonix.

Being able to enjoy powerful rock tracks is something that is difficult to emulate on instruments other than guitar, bass and drums. But for now, what’s left for music game fans is to embrace titles like Trombone Champ.

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