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Need to have a meeting, an announcement for the family or simply gather some colleagues to chat on WhatsApp? Now it’s even faster and more practical to call all these people for an audio or video call. The app’s new tool creates a link to the conversation, allowing anyone with access to it to join the chat.

WhatsApp group chats can now be accessed via a link (Image: Disclosure / WhatsApp)

Announced this Monday (26) by Mark Zuckerberg, the feature will be made available throughout the week to users of the platform, making life easier for both those who will create and those who will just participate in the conversation.

That way, to create a chat, you don’t need to add all the users to your contact list, selecting them one by one or making a call with a specific group, as was the case before.

To confirm that the option is already enabled in your application, go to the “Calls” tab and check if, at the top of the list, the “Call Links” option is already visible. If so, click on the tool to create the desired link, which can be sent to anyone through WhatsApp itself or posted in a place where the invited people have access.

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It is worth remembering that, although it is new to WhatsApp, creating video calls via links is already common among most video calling tools. The mechanics are used among the most famous platforms in the medium, such as Google Meet and Zoom, in addition to Apple’s own FaceTime.

In addition, despite the announcement for its mobile version, so far it has not been disclosed whether the feature will also be available for WhatsApp Desktop, the company’s application for Windows and Mac in which they are also allowed. audio and video calls between contacts.

In addition to the tool, another important information was announced by Zuckerberg: WhatsApp expanded the number of members of group chats and began testing encrypted and secure video calls for up to 32 people.

The increase in the number of participants had already arrived for voice calls in April, during an application update. At the time, video or voice conversations could contain a maximum of eight participants, all of whom had to be part of the contact list of the person who created the chat.

Although an official date on the update has not been released, WhatsApp has assured that more information about the novelty will be shared soon.

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