ChatGPT was writing malware for hackers and complementing scripts – APK Games

At best deals, no tail stuck ChatGPT, artificial intelligence that answers user questions, is capable of producing malware and complementing malicious code in its responses. Researchers from Check Point Research, a cybersecurity company, disclosed last Friday (6th), that the technology developed by OpenAI is used by hackers to help in the production of malware. Today … Read more

How to recover disabled Instagram account

At best deals, no tail stuck If you deactivated your Instagram account, but missed the social network, know that you can access your profile again just by entering your login and password in the Meta application. However, if your account was hacked or disabled by the platform itself, the process to recover it is quite … Read more

Google Docs voice recognition will receive improvements and will be expanded – APK Games

At best deals, no tail stuck Google has announced that it is “expanding and improving” the voice recognition feature in Google Docs and slideshows. The news includes an update that promises to reduce errors and minimize lost audio during transcriptions. In addition, the tool will finally be released for other browsers and will no longer … Read more