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Even with hits in the catalog like Stranger Things and bridgerton, Netflix faces a huge flight from its users. It seems that this stampede will continue. A recent poll shows that one in four Americans plans to leave the service within the next year. The reasons vary between subscription price and preference for competitors.

Netflix (Image: Vitor Padua/APK Games)

The query was carried out by reviews.org and gathered one thousand users residing in the United States. The focus was to understand habits when it comes to streaming. As such, it appears that the Tudum platform can expect more losses in 2023.

Of the 1,000 respondents, one in four users intends to stop using Netflix in the coming months, that is, 25%. It is worth noting that an average American subscribes to an average of four services.

In other words, people are preferring brands like Apple TV+ and Prime Video over the owner of Stranger Things. But not only that.

According to the survey, the top four reasons for leaving the platform would be:

  • Subscription price;
  • Catalog available;
  • Increased spending due to inflation;
  • Preference for other streaming services.

Here in Brazil, Netflix still leads ahead of Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, respectively. According to the data of JustWatch in the first half of 2022.

Most watched table in Brazil (Image: Reproduction / JustWatch)
Most watched table in Brazil (Image: Reproduction / JustWatch)

Netflix rolls around to Tudum to stay interesting

The streaming landscape has changed a lot in recent years. There is currently very strong competition, something that requires constant adaptation and renewal on the part of brands. Of course, no one wants to lose their space. In this way, all companies are testing the market and their consumers.

But before that, you need to stop the bleeding.

Just to illustrate, the Netflix lost almost 1 million subscribers in 2022. A lower number than expected, but still a drop. In addition, Disney has surpassed the number of rival users. Bringing together Hulu, ESPN and Disney+, the Mickey Mouse house has become the market leader.

Things don’t look easy, and I’m not even counting competitors like HBO Max, Apple TV+ and Prime Video. That is, there is a huge need to offer new attractions to keep fans.

One of the alternatives will be the cheapest plan with ads, planned to debut in 2023. Content is also a concern of the platform to maintain subscriptions. Productions like the anime series one piecefrom the drawing Avatar: The Last Airbender and the sitcom blockbuster are some bets for next year.

I could even comment on the intention of the company doubling its mobile game catalogbut few care about it.

Will you keep your Netflix subscription next year?


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