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Anyone thinking about hiring Disney+ may be sad to see that streaming no longer offers a trial period. What many do not know, however, is that it is still possible to enjoy streaming for free through benefits offered by other companies. In order for you to save on your subscriptions and make the most of these advantages, Here’s how to watch Disney+ for free taking advantage of offers and plans offered by Bradesco, Vivo and Mercado Livre.

Disney+ app (Image: Mika Baumeister/Unsplash)

Customers who have a Bradesco or BradesCard credit card, a Bradesco debit card or a Múltiplo Bradesco card (in debit and credit function) can subscribe to the Disney+ monthly package, earning their first month (30 days) for free. After this period, the monthly fee charged goes back to its standard value, which is currently R$ 27.90.

To carry out this subscription, the customer must contract the plan directly through the Bradesco App, Bradesco Cards App or Internet Banking. After the tasting period, the monthly fee is automatically charged according to the type of card in use, and can be canceled by the customer through the Bradesco Channels.

Disney+ for free with Vivo

If you are a Vivo customer, it is worth taking a look at your operator contracting plan, as Vivo Selfie with Disney+ and Vivo Fibra with Disney+ customers have streaming already included in their plan.

Vivo Post Selfie with Disney+ has 30GB of internet, plus 30GB to browse Disney+ and unlimited WhatsApp. With access to the 5G network, in addition to other benefits, it costs R$ 149.99 / month and grants access to streaming as long as the customer leaves their contract active. In case of cancellation, the Disney+ account is suspended.

Vivo Fibra with Disney+ is a broadband internet that has 300 Mega of optical fiber and free Wi-Fi, costing R$ 129.99 / month. Like Vivo Post Selfie with Disney+, it gives access to streaming throughout the duration of contracting the plan, keeping it on hold if Vivo Fibra is cancelled.

To activate Disney+, customers of both plans need to download the Vivo App, go to the app’s services menu and select the “My apps” option. In this section, after finding the Disney+ option, they must activate the function and follow the steps indicated to register for streaming.

If an individual subscribes to Vivo Post Selfie with Disney+ and Vivo Fibra with Disney+, they will have access to two different accounts on the platform.

Disney+ on TV (Image: Gabrielle Lancellotti/APK Games)
Disney+ on TV (Image: Gabrielle Lancellotti/APK Games)

Disney+ for free with Mercado Livre

Another way to get free access to Disney+ is through Mercado Libre. This is because users who are at level 6 of the Mercado Pontos program have free access to streaming (and also to Star+).

There are two ways a person can get to this level.

The first of these is organically, gathering points on the platform through purchases and activity completions. As you reach more points, the user jumps in level, reaching level 6. in this text we explained in detail how the program works and gave some tips on how to accumulate more points.

The other way to purchase Mercado Livre level 6 is by subscribing to the level, which costs BRL 49.99 / month, but has a promotion of BRL 14.99 / month.

In both situations (reaching organically or subscribing to level 6) the user has free access to Disney+, as long as they remain at this level.

What is the original value of Disney+?

Disney+ costs BRL 27.90 / month.

How many screens can Disney+ have?

Streaming allows the use of up to 4 simultaneous screens.

What devices support streaming?

The platform is available on iOS and Android devices, browsers (Windows, macOS and Chrome OS), Android TV, select models of LG and Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Apple AirPlay, Apple TV, Chromebook, Sony PlayStation, Xbox and Roku .

To thoroughly check all the models of the devices mentioned, we prepared this text with the complete list.

How can I register the Disney+ app on my Smart TV?

The procedure is simple and can be performed in a few minutes. To do this, follow the detailed step-by-step we prepare in this tutorial.

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