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“While some cry, others sell handkerchiefs”. In a way, the Adobe has been following this, shall we say, popular wisdom. The company is aware that Netflix and other streaming services struggle to increase their revenues. That’s why she wants to offer a technology to combat password sharing between users of these platforms.

Netflix (image: Vitor Padua/APK Games)

The main target of this solution would be precisely Netflix, for two reasons. The first is that the company seems to be the one that suffers most from sharing passwords between users. The second is that Netflix sees this “phenomenon” as one of the biggest complications in its business today.

It’s not that password sharing has become widespread among service users only recently. This behavior is old, actually. However, Netflix turned a blind eye to this for a long time. It was a strategy to help popularize the platform.

The scenario is different now. Netflix is ​​already quite popular, and the company’s investors are pushing it to pursue profit. In this sense, password sharing appears as a major obstacle. Adobe estimates that Netflix loses $9 billion a year on this, three times that of Disney+.

What is Adobe’s proposal?

Two-step authentication or stricter control over the limit of devices the user uses to access the platform seem to be good solutions. The problem is that they can cause inconvenience to paying users.

For Adobe, the solution lies in the implementation of machine learning focused on “measuring, managing and monetizing” the issue of password sharing. The company’s technology for this goes by the name of Primetime Account IQ.

The primary function of this mechanism is to analyze behavioral patterns in order to determine how each account is being used.

This approach would have the benefit of not only identifying accounts with improperly shared passwords, but also pointing out whether the actions taken to prevent this behavior are effective.

Primetime Account IQ announcement (image: publicity/Adobe)
Primetime Account IQ announcement (image: publicity/Adobe)

Various data would have to be analyzed for this purpose, such as the number of devices in use by each account and geolocation information. In the end, the goal is to trace behaviors that suggest password sharing.

At the same time, Adobe’s technology can also map patterns that indicate when the user makes an unusual but still legitimate use of streaming. This can happen on a trip or when the user is in a second home, for example.

By separating the wheat from the chaff, the platform can then take steps to prevent problematic accounts from continuing to share passwords. Adobe even suggests that users with “good behavior” be rewarded in some way. Less strictness on the device limit in simultaneous transmissions is a possibility for this.

But let’s be clear: Adobe only introduced Primetime Account IQ. There is no information that the service has already been hired by any major streaming platform.

In the case of Netflix, at least for now, the company has been trying to combat the problem. with your own means.

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