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Amazon’s virtual assistant will get a new feature called “Customers Ask Alexa”. The goal is to allow companies to register answers on the platform so that users can ask questions about products or topics from Alexa. The idea will allow brands, considered experts by the company, to add more value to the box and connect with customers.

4th Gen Echo Dot (Image: Darlan Helder/APK Games)


The content of this news item has been updated to better reflect the announcement made by Amazon.

According to Amazon, the novelty will work as follows: a consumer will be able to ask something similar to “how can I get my pet hair out of the carpet?”. Next, Alexa will respond through the words of a brand — of course, along with a suggestion for the person to visit the store page.

Amazon recognizes brands as experts in their products. With this new feature, we’ve made it easier to connect with customers to help answer common questions and better inform their purchasing decisions.

Rajiv Mehta, General Manager of Alexa Shopping

To define which companies will be part of the process, Bezos’ company will require a previous registration in the “Amazon Brand Registry”. Thus, it will be possible to check the main questions of consumers, answering them gradually.

Customers ask Alexa
Example of how brands work (Image: Disclosure / Amazon)

However, Amazon says that “all responses will go through Alexa’s content moderation and quality checks before the virtual assistant selects the most relevant response to share with customers.”

Testing is scheduled to start in October 2022. The feature will be released to everyone in 2023.

Alexa features are increasingly curious

This is neither the first nor the last time that Alexa has offered something out of the ordinary for its users. In June 2022, a feature was announced that tries to be cute but ends up giving a sense of morbidity instead.

The appeal presented made the Alexa used AI to learn and reproduce the voice of deceased people. For this, the assistant needed to process one minute of recorded audio to be able to understand the nuances of the voice and allow conversation between loved ones.

On the other hand, the company only presented the technology, not bringing any official launch confirmation to the consumer.

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