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THE amazon revealed a new Fire TV Cube this Wednesday (28). The launch stands out for its upscaling solution that “converts” HD videos and movies for you to watch in 4K. The launch arrived alongside the Alexa Voice Remote Prowhich can be easily found with a simple “Alexa, search for the remote”.

Amazon Fire TV Cube (Image: Handout/Amazon)

The launch brings a technical sheet of respect. According to Amazon, the Fire TV Cube has a 2GHz octa-core processor and promises to be 20% more powerful than the previous generation. But the highlight revolves around Super Resolution Upscaling, which “converts” HD content to be played back in 4K.

“New to the Fire TV Cube is Super Resolution Upscaling, which delivers enhanced picture quality by seamlessly converting HD content to 4K for more detail, contrast and clarity,” they announced in a press release. “With Super Resolution Upscaling, content – ​​from movies originally shot in HD to grainy family photos – will look sharper on a 4K screen.”

The release adds support for Wi-Fi 6E, a USB port and a network cable connector. The back has an HDMI input and output for connecting other devices to the Fire TV Cube. So users can ask Alexa to tune into pay TV channels instead of accessing them manually.

The Fire TV Cube also supports Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA). In this way, users can connect it directly to hearing aids via Bluetooth.

Alexa Voice Remote Pro (Image: Handout/Amazon)
Alexa Voice Remote Pro (Image: Handout/Amazon)

Amazon reveals Alexa Voice Remote Pro

Another novelty is the Alexa Voice Remote Pro. The highlight of the launch is the Remote Finder, which helps to look for the accessory in case it is lost around the house or at the bottom of the sofa. Thus, users will only need to use a voice command or the Fire TV app to find it with the help of an audible alert.

The adjustable buttons also deserve attention. In addition to the pre-defined shortcuts, users will have two keys to configure custom commands. Definition alternatives range from accessing applications and channels to commands to be executed by Amazon’s virtual assistant.

“For example, you can choose to program a button for Alexa to dim the lights, check the weather, or start an Alexa Routine for a movie night,” they explained.

price and availability

O Fire TV Cube is already on pre-sale will reach US consumers on October 25, 2022 for US$ 139 (about R$ 715 in direct conversion).

already the Alexa Voice Remote is also available to order. The accessory costs US$ 34.99 in the North American market, equivalent to approximately R$ 180.

There is still no release date for Amazon products in Brazil.

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