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This Wednesday (28), Amazon presented the Halo Rise, a new device that brings together different features to help people understand and improve their sleep. According to the company, the device will not need an app to configure, nor bracelets or batteries – just go to bed and the “magic” will happen.

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Amazon claims the Halo Rise has no cameras or microphones. In fact, it uses low-energy sensor technology and machine learning to detect movement and breathing patterns. According to the company, this allows the device to accurately determine a user’s sleep stages during the night.

The Halo Rise also has built-in environmental sensors that measure temperature, humidity, and light in the room it’s placed in. In this way, the user will be able to optimize and improve sleep conditions.

The gadget will work with Alexa, and can be used with a compatible Echo device so that the user wakes up to a song of their choice or configure routines with the personal assistant — such as dimming the lights at a certain time, for example.

price and availability

The device will be available later this year for $140 and includes a 6 month subscription to Halo. However, the company did not specify in which markets it will be sold.

Finally, Amazon claims that Halo Rise contains multiple layers of privacy and security to keep users’ data safe.

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