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With Black Friday getting closer, retail is heated up by promotions like this one from Amazon, which offers up to 30% OFF on smart home products. Among the main highlights, we have devices with Alexa, such as 3rd Generation Echo Dots and 4th Generation. In addition, the Alexa Deals Week also brings gadgets from Intelbras, Positivo and other brands. See how to take advantage.

Amazon Devices (Image Vitor PáduaAPK Games)

3rd Generation and 4th Generation Echo Dots from BRL 249

If you want a basic smart speaker to listen to your music and podcasts in your bedroom or kitchen, the 3rd Generation Echo Dot and 4th Generation Echo Dot are good options. Although more expensive, the 4th generation model is distinguished by the livelier audio and greater emphasis on bass, consequences of its spherical shape. In addition, the microphones have also been improved, according to the tests of technoblog.

As for the commonalities, both can be connected to external speakers via audio output, are compatible with 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks and are voice-controlled by the Alexa virtual assistant. The devices also have volume and privacy control buttons, in case you want to control the box without having to talk to the assistant.

And of course, in addition to listening to the various compatible audio streams, you can also use Echo Dots to help with your routine. For example, you can program alarms, control other smart home devices, order dinner for delivery or play games with friends. Anyway, there are many legal ways to take advantage of the alexa skills in your day to day.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation (left) and 3rd generation (right) (Image: Darlan Helder/APK Games)
Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation (left) and 3rd generation (right) (Image: Darlan Helder/APK Games)

But if basic smart speakers can’t quite meet your needs, there are other options on offer. For those who want more powerful audio, for example, the model 4th Generation Echo is for R$ 579. In our review, what caught the most attention compared to the Echo Dots were the bass. In addition to the sound, another differential here is the presence of Zigbeewhich assists in compatibility with other smart home devices.

If you want an Alexa with a screen to help you while cooking, for example, it’s worth checking out the other Echo devices. like the 2nd Generation Echo Show 5 for BRL 429which previously cost R$ 599. Also the Echo Show 8 for R$829 (before BRL 999), the Echo Show 10 for BRL 1,699 (before R$ 1,899) and the Echo Show 15 for BRL 1,699 (before BRL 1,899).

In addition, Amazon’s Bluetooth headphones, 2nd Generation Echo Buds are for R$729 (before BRL 899). According to the tests of technoblog, when using them you will feel “as if there is an Amazon Echo always active in your ears”, and you will be able to count on Alexa even in the busiest environments. The headphones also have active noise cancellation and an effective ambient mode with a natural result.

Amazon Echo Buds 2nd generation (Image: Darlan Helder/APK Games)
Amazon Echo Buds 2nd generation (Image: Darlan Helder/APK Games)

Other smart home devices from Intelbras, Philips, Elgin and other brands also participate in the Alexa Deals Week. Below, you can see our selection of the best discounts in this category:

I didn’t find what I wanted, where can I see other offers?

TB findings: real curation of offers, no tail tied (Image: Guilherme Reis/APK Games)
TB findings: real curation of offers, no tail tied (Image: Guilherme Reis/APK Games)

Finally, if that product you have your eye on received little or no discount: keep an eye out for groups finds at the telegram and Whatsapp! There, our team sends out several other promotions like these much more frequently. There’s even been a smart light bulb for less than R$35 and several other bargains. 🤩

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