Amazon reveals new Echo Studio speaker and renews Echo Dot “balls”

THE amazon chose this Wednesday (28) to renew its hardware family. Among the news announced is the new speaker Echo Studio and the renewal of smart “balls” Echo Dot. Visually, the gadgets change little or nothing in relation to current versions. But inside, everyone brings enhancements.

New Echo Studio (image: publicity/Amazon)

New Echo Studio: More Voice Highlights

The main attraction of Echo Studio is a new spatial audio processing engine. According to Amazon, this attribute substantially improves the product’s stereo sound technology.

The company explains that this enhancement makes music and movie audio clearer and more immersive. In this sense, the user can expect voices to be more present in the center, while the sound of instruments is better defined in the lateral perception.

More mid-range clarity and deeper bass are also part of the new experience.

One more detail: in addition to the black color (charcoal), the new Echo Studio is now available in white (glacier white).

New Echo Studio, now in white (image: publicity/Amazon)
New Echo Studio, now in white (image: publicity/Amazon)

The new Amazon Echo Dots: new sensors, new chip

The Echo Dot lineup also received an update to the audio features. The internal design has been reworked to make room for a new speaker, but without increasing the device’s dimensions or physical shape.

Here, we can expect up to twice the bass and clearer voices compared to the previous generation, says Amazon.

The Echo Dot with Clock, which has a time display, has been updated so that the display shows additional information at a glance, such as song titles and a timer.

To top it off, both models are now equipped with an AZ2 Neural Edge chip that allows more experiences to be processed. Because of this, the user can expect faster responses to touch commands and the most common requests made to Alexa, for example.

New Echo Dot with watch (image: publicity/Amazon)
New Echo Dot with watch (image: publicity/Amazon)

In both products, an accelerometer and new sensors promise to make touch controls more precise. The intention is also to offer more contextualized interactions.

For example, one of the new sensors is capable of detecting temperature. With this, the user can ask Alexa to turn on the cooling automatically if necessary.

The new Echo Dots can even function as Wi-Fi mesh extenders thanks to the incorporation of Eero Built-in technology.

Not coincidentally, Amazon says that “the new Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock are the most powerful [modelos feitos] yet”.

Echo Dot Kids Dragon and Owl

For the Echo Dot Kids line, the company presented two more variations, one with a dragon theme, the other with an owl. In addition to the look, both models bring voices inspired by these “animals”.

The idea is that jokes, stories, songs and other content formats are played to children from the perspective of an owl or a dragon.

Echo Dot Kids gives you access to a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ (a platform with content for kids).

Echo Dot Kids with new themes (image: publicity/Amazon)
Echo Dot Kids with new themes (image: publicity/Amazon)

Bonus: Echo Auto

Another gadget updated by Amazon is the Echo Auto. Aimed at cars, as the name suggests, the device gained a more compact design and an adhesive backing that gives more flexibility for its attachment.

The Echo Auto also has five microphones so that the user can give orders even if there is noise inside the vehicle — radio, air conditioning on and so on.

The device proposal? Allow the user to trigger Alexa to listen to music, make a call, ask for weather information and even ask for roadside assistance.

It is a pity that there is no release date for the Echo Auto in Brazil.

Echo Auto (image: publicity/Amazon)
Echo Auto (image: publicity/Amazon)

When and how much?

There is still no information about launches and prices in Brazil. But in the United States, the three lines go on pre-sale from today. Shipments are scheduled for next month. There prices are as follows:

  • Echo Studio: US$ 199.99
  • “Normal” Echo Dot: $49.99
  • Echo Dot with watch: $59.99
  • Echo Dot Kids: $59.99
  • Echo Auto: $54.99

The ads don’t end there. Amazon also introduced the Kindle Scribewith pen and 10.1-inch screen, plus sleep monitor Halo Rise.

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