Amazon’s New Fire TV Omni QLED Can Turn On By Itself When It Feels Your Presence

Following the launch schedule, this Wednesday (28), Amazon also presented its new models of the line Fire TV Omni QLED. The newly announced handsets come in two sizes: 65 and 75 inches. The new TVs promise to represent the most intelligent and can even turn on by themselves when they feel your presence.

New Fire TV Omni QLED can help save energy. (Image: Publicity/Amazon)

Amazon claims that the new models have the best and most advanced panel on the market: a 4K QLED display. The TVs have β€œup to” 96 individual dimming zones behind the screen, which should result in better contrast and black levels than previous versions.

In addition, the new devices have presence and light sensors, enabling greater energy savings and automatically turning off the screen when no one is around.

The light sensor, it is worth mentioning, gained support for DolbyVisionIQ and HDR10 Plus Adaptivefeatures that will automatically adjust the brightness of the content being played based on the conditions of the room in which the TV is installed.

Discover the Ambient Experience

Something often mentioned by Amazon was the so-called Ambient Experience. This is nothing more than a free pack of Alexa art, photos and widgets that can be displayed intelligently on the TV when it is not being used.

According to the company, in this Experience there are more than 1,500 landscapes, moving photos, impressionist pieces and photographs by renowned artists and museums. Still, it is also possible to customize this feature and leave the TV with your photos.

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED with Ambient Experience
Ambient Experience promises to make Fire TV Omni QLED even more intuitive. (Image: Publicity/Amazon)

Alexa widgets allow you to follow news, calendars, reminders or access smart devices from the same home. You can view notes or get song recommendations.

Among the widgets focused on TV is one that suggests popular movies, series and shows and another that shows live content at that moment.

As usual, the new Fire TV Omni QLEDs come with Alexa built in. So you can ask anything or ask to listen to music, watch movies or even start a pre-programmed routine.

price and availability

The new Fire TV Omni QLED line is available for pre-order starting this Wednesday (28) in the United States and Canada. There are models in 65 and 75 inches, which cost $800 and $1,100, respectively.

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