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This Monday (19), Apple quietly readjusted the prices of some of its services here in Brazil. Among them are: the musicO one it’s the TV+, which had the biggest increase: 50.5%. Although the company has not officially communicated its customers, the price change can already be seen on its website.

Apple Music (Image: Vitor Pádua / APK Games)

To start with the surge in price increases, we have the Apple One. All packages in the modality that combine the company’s services in a single fee had their values ​​altered. The greatest variation occurred in the Individual plan, which saw its value increase in 31.6%.

Package old value Current value Variation
Individual BRL 26.50 BRL 34.90 31.6%
familiar BRL 37.90 BRL 49.50 30.6%
premium BRL 69.50 BRL 79.90 14.9%

Who also suffered a readjustment was the Apple TV+, streaming movies and series from the company. Over here, we have the biggest increase in this wave. The monthly fee for the service, which was previously R$ 9.90, became BRL 14.90 — an increase of 50.5% in your price.

Apple TV+, which used to cost BRL 9.90, now costs BRL 14.90.  (Image: Technoblog)
Apple TV+, which used to cost BRL 9.90, now costs BRL 14.90. (Image: Technoblog)

Finally, we have the Apple Music, streaming music from the Cupertino giant. Launched in 2015, it has three types of subscriptions: University, Individual, and Family. With the exception of the first, the other two underwent readjustments.

Signature old value Current value Variation
university BRL 11.90 BRL 11.90 0%
Individual BRL 16.90 BRL 21.90 29.5%
familiar BRL 24.90 BRL 34.90 40.1%

Apple Arcade, Fitness+ and iCloud got away with not having their prices readjusted by the company. It remains to be seen how long their values ​​will remain the same.

Apple increased the price of Music in May

In May of this year, once again silently, Apple increased the price of the Apple Music University subscription. The old plan, which cost BRL 8.50, now costs BRL 11.90, a price that was not changed this time.

At the time, in addition to Brazil, countries such as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Kenya and Singapore also saw an increase in the value of the package.

Last July, the company announced its most current financial results. Surprisingly, in the last fiscal quarter only Apple’s services segment was up 12% year-over-year.

According to the latest data, the company has a total of around 816 million paid subscriptions. Increasingly, therefore, this has proved to be a great success for Apple to diversify its revenue, after all, the number of subscribers to its services only grows.

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