WindowBlinds 11 makes your PC look like Windows XP or Windows 7 – APK Games

At best deals🇧🇷 no tail stuck From the 2000s onwards, the Microsoft changed many aspects of the look of the Windows🇧🇷 But, of course, there are versions, like the Windows XP and Windows 7, which marked generations and are often targets of nostalgia. Thinking about it, the stardock developed the WindowBlinds 11which gives you freedom … Read more

GPT-3.5 is the new version of the AI ​​that generates texts as if it were a human – APK Games

At best deals🇧🇷 no tail stuck Launched in 2020, GPT-3 caused astonishment by being capable of text products very similar to what humans can write. But OpenAI, the organization behind this artificial intelligence, wants more. O GPT-3.5 came out this week. The first tests show that the new version is even more accurate than the … Read more

Crunchyroll and Nuuvem team up to launch bundles with games for a limited time – APK Games

At best deals🇧🇷 no tail stuck Last Thursday (1st), the streaming platform Crunchyroll and the digital games store cloud announced a partnership. In addition to the traditional subscription packages that Crunchyroll already has, the service will now have three additional exclusive bundles with PC games from the franchises. naruto and Dragon Ball🇧🇷 Already live, the … Read more