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Surely you’ve been through this: you receive a call from an unknown number, answer, and then the person on the other end of the line hangs up. these are the robocalsand they are in the sights of National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). After a series of measures, the entity announced that the number of short calls dropped from 4.08 billion a week to 2.31 billion.

Anatel determines the end of free calls with up to 3 seconds (Image: Vitor Pádua / APK Games)

The comparison considers the week of June 5th to 11th and the week of September 4th to 10th.

call type June 5th to 11th September 4th to 10th
total calls 6.33 billion 4.07 billion
short calls 4.08 billion 2.31 billion
Proportion 64% 56%

The week of June 5th to 11th was not chosen by chance. On June 12th, Anatel’s precautionary measure against robocalls came into force.

Since then, 261 users have been blocked. According to Anatel’s counselor Emmanoel Campelo, the financial sector is the one who breaks the rules the most.

The injunction was extended until October 28. Campelo says that the agency will assess the need for new measures or changes to the measure.

Anatel clamped down on robocalls

The agency stipulated that companies that make more than 100,000 calls per day lasting less than three seconds will have the service suspended.

For operators, telemarketing companies and service contractors, the practice can result in a fine of up to R$50 million.

Operators also had to send Anatel a list of users who generated more than 100,000 calls in a single day, considering the 30-day period immediately preceding the measure.

If a company is blocked, it cannot activate new numbers for 15 days. If the operator releases, all those involved can be fined up to R$50 million.

Another measure taken to curb the practice was end the free calls of up to three seconds. The rule was the time when the call minute was expensive, and telemarketing companies took advantage of that.

Robocalls serve as a “proof of life” for companies. If the person answers, the system considers that that number usually accepts calls from unknown numbers, being a potential customer for active telemarketing services.

With information: Anatel, Mobile Time.

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