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Instagram conversations are about to get an upgrade. Now, in addition to the private messages of the social network, rumors point out that the platform should allow the creation of public chat rooms in the application. Although not yet confirmed by the company, feature was discovered by Twitter user.

Instagram (Image: Vitor Padua / APK Games)

From online forums to UOL chat and Discord’s public servers, groups that anyone can join to talk about a certain topic have been a reality on the internet for many years.

It seems that Instagram should also soon adhere to this model, launching a tool on the platform where it is possible to create a public conversation group.

The feature was discovered by mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who in July had already spoken about the existence of the tool, but this Tuesday (27) shared an image on his Twitter that shows more details of its operation.

According to the information shown by Paluzzi, the user will be able to create a conversation space accessible to any member of Instagram. In order to connect people with a common interest, this space will be moderated by the group’s administrators, who can either delete content or remove participants that threaten the security of the chat.

In addition, in order to preserve a respectful and cordial space, public conversation groups will need to comply with some rules established by the platform itself; the so-called Community Guidelines.

Take it: Instagram is changing and there's not much you can do / Photo by Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels
Young man using his cell phone (Image: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels)

Instagram DM must hide nudes

The concern to increase communication resources, but maintain the safety of its users in the face of these interactions seems to be a topic currently on the agenda on Instagram.

Also this month, Paluzzi published information about a tool developed by the social network that detects and covers nudes sent by DMthus preventing a person from encountering an unwanted image when opening the chat.

When finding a submission like this, the user can choose whether or not to view the content, even having the freedom to disable this extra layer of protection, if they find it unnecessary.

A few days after the discovery, the social network itself confirmed the development of the feature to The Verge, making a parallel of the tool with the Hidden Words of Instagram. Aimed at texts, the feature allows the user to filter out offensive words, blocking requests for messages sent with them.

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