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After a long time without news, the clear modified its prepaid portfolio. In addition to the conventional internet package, the Monthly Price now has an exclusive 2 GB franchise for use with the TikTok. Check out how the plans turned out and see the comparison with Claro and TIM.

Claro (Image: Vitor Pádua / APK Games)

The arrival of TikTok to Claro Pré takes place after the operator to reformulate postpaid plans, who gained more internet and free access to the social video network. One caveat is that live stream traffic is not included and will be discounted from the customer’s standard allowance.

Claro prepaid in each region

Claro sells different portfolios according to each region. See below the prepaid plans available for DDDs 11, 16, 17, 19, 21, 61, 62, 63, 64, 67, 69, 91, 97, 98 and 99:

of course price internet package TikTok package
BRL 9.99 per week 2.2 GB (does not have)
BRL 29.99 per month 6 GB 2 GB

For other area codes, the following prepaid plans are available:

of course price internet package TikTok package
BRL 9.99 per week 2.2 GB (does not have)
BRL 19.99 per month 7 GB (does not have)
BRL 29.99 per month 12 GB 2 GB

According to Claro, whoever hires the SIM card + monthly price recharge of R$ 29.90 will be entitled to the offer with a total of 12 GB, of which 6 GB are valid for six months. However, the operator also clarifies in the press release that “all these benefits are valid for new and existing customers”.

In addition to the internet package, Claro Prezão includes unlimited calls to any operator, as well as access without discounting the franchise to WhatsApp (including for voice and video calls), Claro Música, Claro Cursos and Descomplica.

Whoever recharges using the Claro Pay digital wallet earns an internet bonus. There are 3 GB extra for users of the monthly plan of R$ 29.90, or 1 GB for customers of the weekly package.

For those who need more mobile internet, it is worth checking out the Claro Flex digital plan. The entry version costs R$ 39.99 per month and includes 16 GB of internet (of which 8 GB is a bonus), unlimited calls and free access to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Waze and Claro Música.

Of course Price vs. TIM and Vivo plans

Claro Prezão is competitive compared to the prepaid plans of competing operators.

THE Alive It has a fortnightly prepaid plan with 4 GB of internet for R$14.99, or 5 GB for R$19.99. There are also weekly versions, with 3GB for R$11.99 or 4GB for R$14.99. All packages include unlimited calls and WhatsApp without discounting the franchise.

already the TIM there is the confusing TIM Pré Top: whoever tops up R$30 is entitled to 12 GB of internet valid for 30 days, but this allowance is valid only on the first top up and gets smaller after the second addition of credits. The plan includes unlimited calls to any operator, WhatsApp without discounting the franchise and access to Deezer Go and Amazon Prime Video mobile version.

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