Diablo IV has over 40 minutes of gameplay leaked

Two videos that bring several elements of the gameplay of Diablo IV were leaked this Monday (19). At around 5 and 38 minutes, the content apparently came from a stream captured on a Discord server. It is likely that some user has recorded the screen of some presentation, which must have taken place in secret. Activision Blizzard has yet to comment on the incident.

Diablo 4 (Image: Disclosure / Activision Blizzard)

Who discovered the videos was a user named iV1rus0 on reddit. In all, 43 minutes can be seen, offering samples of a production still in development. In other words, there are missing textures on objects like bridges and buildings, as well as a publisher watermark during every second.

It is possible to see some of the terrain of Diablo IVin which the barbarian character appears facing enemies.

The HUD is also visible, featuring features such as the map in the top right corner and warrior skills in the bottom center of the screen. Even with the visual still in its infancy, the movement and action of the game is impressive.

Players will be invited to the post-game beta

Shortly after the leaks, Activision Blizzard announced that it will release a adventure post game closed beta. Thus, the company will invite different players to participate in matches at specific moments of gameplay after the end of the campaign.

The content that will be available to the lucky ones includes Helltide, Nightmare Dungeons, Whispers of the Dead, Fields of Hatred and Paragon Boards.

Of course, because it’s a closed beta, the publisher doesn’t want any more leaks to occur. In this sense, she informed that the participants will need to sign a confidentiality agreement, prohibiting the sharing of comments and opinions about the experience.

GTA 6 also had a leak

The emergence of the leak Diablo IV on Reddit took place the day after 90 videos of Grand Theft Auto 6 leak on the net. The difference is that in the case of the Rockstar Games game, the act was done by a hacker with the aim of extorting the owner of franchises such as Red Dead Redemption and bully.

In order to resolve any doubts of its fan base, the company issued a statement on Twitter confirming the veracity of the content, but also ensuring that the production of the game will not be hindered by the situation.

Still, I feel that the leaks don’t just hurt the companies, but also their fan base who are waiting for exciting announcements.

With information: PC Gamer.


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