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According to Ross Youngfamous analyst of the display market, Apple could lead to Dynamic Island for all four iPhone models next year, possibly the iPhones 15. Even so, the expert says that some functionality should remain restricted only to the Pro line of devices — as is the case, according to him, of the ProMotion screen.

iPhone 14 Pro (Image: Playback / Apple)

For Young, production problems are the real obstacles for Apple not to implement the ProMotion display on less expensive devices — it shouldn’t arrive until 2024, says the analyst. “The logistics chain still cannot support [a fabricação em larga escala]”, ends.

“Yes, Dynamic Island is expected in the most basic models in the [iPhone] 15. I don’t expect [uma tela] 120Hz/LTPO on them because the supply chain still cannot support [a fabricação em larga escala].”

According to MacRumorsan American site specialized in Apple matters, the feature presented on the iPhones 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will work with the API of Live Activities, notifications on the lock screen that display updated information, which should arrive by the end of this year.

This only supports the idea that bringing Dynamic Island to all iPhone models by 2023 is a good move for the company, especially if it wants to encourage true massive adoption of the feature.

Not to mention, of course, that the functionality can make the “non-Pro” line more interesting for users, given that the year-to-year novelties of the most basic models don’t seem to be very exciting.

As much as Ross Young has a good track record, it is worth noting: we are talking about a rumor for the year 2023. Even if the analyst is right, Apple still has time to change its plans. Until then, therefore, a lot will have to change… or not.

Dynamic Island has already been “copied” to Android

Less than a week after being introduced on the iPhones 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, Dynamic Island can already be seen in action on some Android smartphones from Xiaomi.

In a tweet, Vaibhav Jain of TechDroiderpublished a video in which a Chinese device worked perfectly with the Apple feature.

The function has been unofficially developed by theme developers that applies to MIUI, as Xiaomi’s mobile interface is called.

In the publication, the Chinese Dynamic Island is positioned in the upper left corner, next to the front camera and is quite similar to the solution introduced by Apple.

In an interview, the developer said that the theme was still in the review phase and that it would only be available on the China theme store.

With information: MacRumors, Engadget and 9to5Mac


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