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Would you pay for early access to a publication? O Facebook bet on that idea. The social network has been testing a function that allows content creators to release posts only to subscribers for a period. This exclusivity phase can last a day, 48 hours, or even a week.

Facebook (image: Vitor Pádua/APK Games)

Years ago, you would need to have a website or blog to publish your content. Today, it’s easy to do this on social media. LinkedIn, Twitter and even Instagram are full of posts expressing opinions, spreading ideas, telling stories, promoting products and so on.

Facebook too, of course. Although the platform is no longer in demand by young people, it continues to have a considerable volume of users. This is where the subscription proposal makes sense.

Earlier in the week, the musician and social media enthusiast Jonah Manzano discovered that Facebook has released an early access feature to posts for subscribers.

The new option can be activated easily. At the time of posting, the creator only needs to choose whether the content will be released publicly, subscriber-only, or early access for the latter category.

If you choose early access, the next step is just to define the duration of the exclusivity. The screenshot released by Manzano shows three options: 24 hours, 48 ​​hours and a week. After the chosen interval, the content is publicly released, of course.

Early access to content on Facebook (image: Twitter/Jonah Manzano)
Early access to content on Facebook (image: Twitter/Jonah Manzano)

Facebook subscriptions

Facebook has offered subscription options for years. The feature allows content creators to earn revenue from their posts as long as they meet certain requirements.

The new functionality appears as an important increment. With early access, the content creator rewards supporters, but doesn’t have to “neglect” non-subscribers.

This can even result in more subscribers. If a person likes a creator’s content, they may agree to a subscription if they feel that doing so will give them earlier or exclusive access to publications.

For Facebook, the benefits are somewhat obvious. Subscriptions generate more posts, which lead to more engagement, which result in users staying longer on the social network.

Note, however, that the feature is still in the testing phase. Apparently, only a few users have access to the novelty. It’s not yet clear when or if Facebook will make early access an official feature.

But we can wait for that. Just take into account that the social network has been increasing resources for content creators. One of the most recent additions allows a user to quickly invite friends or followers to follow the page of a content creator.

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