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Positioned as a basic smartphone in Samsung’s line, the recently launched Galaxy M13 is already on sale, coming out this Friday (16) for R$ 999 in cash on Pix. This is a savings of BRL 800 over its original July 2022 launch price of BRL 1,799.

Galaxy M13 (Image: Disclosure / Samsung)

In addition to the reduced value, you can also get free shipping on your order depending on your zip code. Shipments are made by carrier and have fast deadlines of 4 working days on average for the delivery of the product.

But beware, this is a limited time and stock offer, so if you’re interested, get yours now. Galaxy M13 for R$ 999 in sight on Pixas values ​​may rise at any time without prior notice.

📱 Is Galaxy M13 a good choice?

Compared to its previous generation, the Galaxy M13 hasn’t changed much, despite losing and gaining some new features.

The screen has gone up 0.1 inch, now totaling 6.6 inches, but still maintaining HD+ resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate. Panel technology has been refined a bit, now using PLS LCD, which improves viewing angles and prevents distortion. Already the protection Gorilla Glass 3 is no longer present.

There were also changes to the camera, which is now formed by three sensors on the back aligned vertically. The main module has 50 MP and f/1.8, generating larger images and allowing greater light capture, favoring night clicks, for example.

Underneath the case we still have the same Exynos 850 processor made by Samsung, 4 GB of RAM and 5,000 mAh in battery capacity. The internal storage has increased from 64 GB to 128 GB, leaving more free space for the user to install apps or save photos and videos.

In terms of connections, we still have a USB-C 2.0 for charging and data transfer, but the connection has become faster and more stable, as the 802.11 ac (Wi-Fi 5) standard is now present on the device.

As for the operating system, the Galaxy M13 leaves the factory with Android 12 and Samsung’s One UI 4.1 interface, but it is very likely that the device will soon receive an update to Android 13 and later 14.

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