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Personal data on the internet is a complex subject, even more so when it comes to a giant platform like Google. The company has been working for some time to help users remove information such as home address, email and phone number from searches. So, a new feature for this purpose began to appear for some people, the so-called “Results about you”.

Google (Image: Vitor Padua / APK Games)

The purpose of the new tool is to facilitate the removal of search results that contain an individual’s personal information. For example, if we search for someone’s name on the platform, it is possible to come across data ranging from the address to the CPF number. That is, the so-called PII (personally identifiable information).

Of course, this can bother a lot of people.

In order to reduce the distribution of this type of content, Google is gradually releasing the feature in its application. The user just needs to tap their profile in the upper right corner to open the options. Then the “Results about you” button should appear.

When activating it, the individual is taken to another page, which explains how to request the removal of their personal information from searches. The brand has already been working with similar measures. Just to exemplify, in April 2022, it started to allow the removal of images linked to CPF or RG.

It is important to remember that there is already a form for this purposebut the new tool should make the whole process easier.

It is worth mentioning that the intention is not only to please, but also to reduce the distance between the person who feels wronged and Google. Something like a form of precaution on the part of the company.

The idea is to facilitate, but there is still a lot of bureaucracy

It’s not today that seeing your personal data on search platforms bothers you. Nobody wants their address or social security number to fall into the hands of strangers.

The process of requesting the removal of this type of information from the network is still quite time consuming and bureaucratic, something that promises to be streamlined with the new Google tool. However, as the feature is being added to apps gradually, it’s hard to believe that improvements will come overnight.

Not to mention what should happen and how long it will take after the user enters the order. In any case, the company’s undertaking in this regard is encouraging.

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