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An initiative of the Government of the State of São Paulo, BibliON is a free digital library that can be used by any citizen of the state, through a simple registration. To help first-time users who have just discovered the platform and are interested in its proposal, we explain below how BibliON loans work and what reading features are available in its interface.

BibliON is a free digital library (Image: Disclosure / BibliON)

Can be accessed both via the web and by your app (available for android and iOS), BibliON works just like most physical libraries.

This means that after registering, the user can borrow any book from their collection, having 15 days to read it, done within the platform itself. After this period, the book or audiobook automatically returns to the BibliON collection and the reader can then go on to a new story that they want to know.

To please everyone, the project filled its catalog with very varied authors and genres, even offering reading options for children.

Its collection of e-books, in addition to classic books of national and foreign literature, such as “Sad End of Policarpo Quaresma“, by Lima Barreto, and “The three Musketeers“, by Alexandre Dumas, also has successful works released in recent years. Some examples are “anxious people“, by Fredik Backman, “The Underside of the Skin“, by Jeferson Tenório, and “Children of Blood and Bone“, by Tomi Adeyemi.

How to register at BibliON to read digital books for free / BibliON / Dissemination
BibliON icon (Image: Publicity / BibliON)
How to get a digital book through BibliON, SP’s free library

To borrow a book on BibliON, simply find it on the platform, open its page and click on the corresponding button.

To make no mistake, however, in this text We brought you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make this loan, also teaching how to return it manually, before the deadline, in case the reader has already finished reading. As the platform only allows two locations at a time, it is possible that the user will soon want to open this space for a new story.

In addition, the linked text also teaches you to reserve a book on BibliON, in case you have all your copies on loan. In situations like this, it is possible to have a forecast of when it will be available and enter a queue, waiting for your turn.

How to register at BibliON to read digital books for free

It is worth remembering that the collection of more than 16,000 e-books and 300 audiobooks in the BibliON catalog can only be used by registering on the platform. Simple and quick to do, it can be done following this tutorialwhich teaches you how to create your access account both on the library’s website and app.

BibliON digital reader features

To make your reading experience more enjoyable, it is important to know all the features of the BibliON digital reader. As all e-books borrowed from the library can only be read on the platform itself, it provides a series of adjustments and tools that facilitate its use.

How to register at BibliON to read digital books for free / BibliON / Dissemination
BibliON App (Image: Publicity / BibliON)

When opening a borrowed book, for example, it is possible to choose the type of font, the spacing between lines, the distances from the margins and even the number of pages displayed on the screen. In addition, the reader can adjust the brightness and background color of the pages, in addition to having access to an automated table of contents, which redirects them directly to the chosen chapters.

To find a page faster, the user can use digital bookmarks throughout the e-book and even make notes in passages that they feel are necessary. And, as an accessibility feature, you can also activate the automatic reading of the text, performed by the platform itself, as if it were an audiobook.

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