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Being part of this fintech’s client group doesn’t require much bureaucracy. Anyone can use a smartphone and request their input, which is quickly analyzed. In addition, it is important to point out that there is no need to have a digital bank account for this. Therefore, learn How to apply for a Nubank credit card.

Nubank (Image: Vitor Pádua/APK Games)

How to order the Nubank card

Other ways to apply for a Nubank credit card

In total, there are four ways to enter the order in the digital bank:

  • Through the website as presented above;
  • At the company blogclicking on the “I want to be Nubank” button;
  • Directly through the company’s application;
  • By referring a friend who is already a bank customer.

What are the cards offered by Nubank?

When ordering a Nubank credit card, it is important to understand that there are two distinct types: Gold and Platinum. Each has its own benefits and is offered by MasterCard, the card brand. In the table below, you can see the advantages of each option:

benefits gold platinum
Original extended warranty Yea No
Price Protection Insurance Yea No
Purchase Protection Insurance Yea No
Travel Consulting No Yea
Concierge No Yea
International offers No Yea
Travel medical emergency insurance No Yea
Auto Insurance No Yea
Mastercard Surprise Yea Yea
cork exemption No Yea

However, in 2021, fintech released to some customers the Nubank Ultraviolet. It is part of the MasterCard’s Black modality, and is aimed at people with monthly expenses from R$ 5 thousand. Its use adds advantages such as cashback, for example.

Regarding the virtual cards, each customer can create up to five of them in their account. They have different data than the physical version, but they are still connected to the same limit and balance. It works as a safer way to make purchases and payments on the internet, protecting the user from theft or invasions. Generate a new virtual card at Nubank is easy.

Who can make the credit card?

Primarily, there is no need to open a NuConta or have any other bank account. Fintech has few requirements in general:

  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Provide the CPF number;
  • Have a current email address;
  • Have a fixed residence in Brazil;
  • Possess a smartphone that supports the bank’s application.

Does Nubank have a debit-only card?

Yup. However, it is fully linked to the user’s digital account. You can use the debit card for online and in-person purchases, as long as the establishment offers this payment option.

Nubank credit card (Image: Disclosure/Nubank)
Nubank credit card (Image: Disclosure/Nubank)
What is the bank of the Nubank card?

The digital bank does not belong to any bank or brand. He is 100% independent.

What is the Nubank card brand?


What is the initial limit of the Nubank credit card?

Once the client receives approval, the fintech algorithms make projections to establish the initial threshold. That is, it varies among users. The same is true for the maximum limit.

How to activate the credit function on the Nubank card?

On the app’s home screen, click on “Credit Card”. Then, look for the option “We help you to conquer limit”. If it shows up, it’s because you’ve already received approval. Just follow the steps.

How long does it take to be approved at Nubank?

It’s practically instantaneous. There is no longer a waiting list and not an average time of three months for this.

Does having a Nubank digital account help with credit card approval?

Not. Both are treated as different products by fintech and having one does not guarantee the other.

Can I update my registration data in the app?

Yup. Just log into your account in the app and fill in your recent information. If you don’t know exactly how to do this, just check it out. how to update your data in Nubank.

Can I change the due date of my Nubank invoice?

Yup. The steps are not many, but it is worth checking the complete guide.

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