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Whether it’s because the attempts to deliver to your home were unsuccessful or because you preferred to pick up your order directly at the Post Office, you need to find out which agency of the institution your package is at. To help you in this mission, below we explain in detail how to find out which post office your order is in and how the company’s “Click and Collect” service works.

How to check which agency the order is in (Image: Correios/Disclosure)

If you are one of the recipients who chose to pick up a package at the Post Office instead of sending it to your residence (see more information about the “Click and Collect” program below), it is very likely that it has been sent to the most close to your house. Even in these cases, however, it is important that you officially confirm the information, as well as the address of the venue.

Necessary time: 5 minutes.

To find out, therefore, at which post office your order is stopped, follow the steps below:

  1. Search for the code in the Correios app:

    Find and download the Correios app on Google Play (Android) or on Apple Store (iPhone). On the application’s homepage, in the “Track your object” field, enter your package code and click on the magnifying glass icon to search;How to know which post office my order is in / Post office / Reproduction

  2. Find the unit:

    On the next screen, you will be able to see the entire package path, including its current location and which unit it is in.How to know which post office my order is in / Post office / Reproduction

If you wish, you can also use the post office website to do your research. In this case, open the institution’s page and, in the “Track your Object” box, enter the package code. Then click on the magnifying glass and see the entire path of the order, finding out which unit it is in.

How does Click and Collect from the Post Office work?

“Click and Collect” is a service available nationwide for those who wish to receive their orders at one of the Post Office units.

To use it, at the time of posting, the most suitable agency to make the withdrawal must be informed, the zip code of the “Click and Collect” of the respective agency and a valid mobile number of the recipient. That way, you can notify you by SMS when the item is available.

In this text we explain in detail how to use the service and redeem your order, in addition to clearing the main doubts about its operation.

What do post office abbreviations mean?

It is common for Correios to use acronyms to indicate the functions performed by each of their agencies. If you’ve come across these nomenclatures, but you don’t know what they represent, below we’ve put together a list of their meanings.

  • AC – Post Office
  • ACF – Franchise Post Office
  • AGF – Franchise Post Office
  • CDD – Home Distribution Center
  • CEE – Parcel Delivery Center
  • CTC – Letter Handling Center
  • CTCE – Letter and Parcel Handling Center
  • CTCI – International Mail Handling Center
  • CTE – Parcel Handling Center
  • CTE-SEI – Parcel Handling Center – International Parcel Sector
  • CTO – Operational Transport Center

How to make a late delivery claim

Is your package delivery late? In this case, it is possible to make a formal complaint in the “Contact Us” section of the Correios. Here you will find a step that explains how to make this claim and also checks how the delay compensation works, if it is proved that the delay was caused by a fault of the company.

How do I know if the Post Office delivers to my zip code?

It is still quite common to find addresses and regions in Brazil where the Post Office does not deliver. In these situations, orders are sent to the unit closest to their destination.

To find out if your location is serviced by the company or not, it is necessary to do a search on the Correios website, as well as as we explain here. In this text you can also check what you need to bring to pick up the package and what time is available for picking it up at the agency.

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