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On November 20th, the 2022 World Cup begins, one of the most awaited sporting events in the world, held this year in Qatar. If you intend to follow the games closely and cheer for Brazil a lot, it’s worth getting to know the TV channels and streams where you can watch the matches. Below, we brought all this information and took the main doubts about the championship broadcast.

Man wearing a national team shirt watching a football game (Image: Photo by Gustavo Ferreira on Unsplash)

If you want to take advantage of your smart TV screen to see games at the size they deserve, there are two options: a TV Globo, on open TV, or the SporTV channels (SporTv, SporTV 2 and SporTV 3), on closed TV. All of them are part of the Globo group, which holds the exclusive rights to broadcast the championship on TV.

How to watch the 2022 World Cup online

In digital, Globo will also be present in the transmission of the Cup, but not exclusively.

through the Globoplayfans will be able to watch the Rede Globo games even without being subscribers to the platformrequiring only a Globo account (created free of charge).

The same, however, does not happen with the matches broadcast on SportTV channelswhich can be checked in the service only by Globoplay package subscribers + live channels or by subscribers of SporTV’s distribution partner operators.

Globoplay (Image: Vitor Pádua / APK Games)

Aside from the Globo service, it is worth remembering that SporTV channels are also available to customers from other platforms. are they the DirecTV GoO Vivo Play (streaming for Vivo subscribers), the Hi Play (Oi streaming), and the Of course TV+ (exclusive platform for Claro customers).

SporTV has three regular channels

It is worth remembering that in addition to SporTV itself, the SporTV 2 and SporTV 3 channels will also be dedicated to coverage of the 2022 World Cup, broadcasting the 64 games of the championship live and presenting special programs about the competition.

How to watch TV using tuner on mobile

If you are without internet access and away from your TV, there is still a solution. It is possible to watch the 2022 World Cup matches on Rede Globo or SporTV channels, using a digital TV tuner for your cell phone.

For this, you need to find a device compatible with your smartphone, as we explain in this text here. Afterwards, the receiver can be easily connected to the device and used even without internet, although many depend on the free download of an application.

Using cell phone.  Photo: terimakasih0/Pixabay
Disconnect unnecessary devices (Image: terimakasih0/Pixabay)

Digital broadcasting rights

As this year internet broadcasting is not exclusive to Globo, other streaming and IPTV platforms can acquire the right to cover the Cup.

So far, no agreement has been made official, but there is speculation around the FIFA+official FIFA streaming launched in April this year and now available in Brazil, and also on the social network TikTok, which for some time has been investing in broadcasting football matches.

How will the World Cup be broadcast?

Globo has already confirmed that it will broadcast the matches in 4K, taking advantage of the low latency and high speed offered by 5G. The technology even promises to help make this quality content more accessible to the population, providing a more stable mobile environment for users.

This means that, in addition to ultra-definite images and a more immersive experience, we can also expect a much more stable connection, without content being unavailable or loading all the time.

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