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In order to facilitate the work together between smartphone and computer, Intel announced the application unison. It promises an almost perfect synchronization between PCs with Android and iOS phones, something very sought after by different users. Thus, the person will be able to replicate some common actions of their devices on their machines, but initially with some limitations.

Unison (Image: Disclosure / Intel)

According to Intel, Unison will bring the possibility for the user to replicate four important features of their smartphone on the PC:

  • Making and receiving calls;
  • Share photos and files. The mobile images will appear in a Unison-specific gallery on the computer;
  • Send and receive text messages;
  • Receive notifications (in some cases, even reply to them). If the app is closed, warnings will be directed to the Windows notification center.

In this way, the brand promises that anyone will be able to enjoy the sync without any mishap. However, it should be noted that the launch of the application will be quite limited. Only a few notebooks in the Intel Evo line with a 12th generation processor from Acer, HP and Lenovo will receive the tool for now.

The company expects to expand to 13th generation products in 2023.

Sync is interesting, but not new

Unison draws attention, without a doubt. It promises to allow quick and easy pairing between Windows PCs and Android or iOS phones. This can improve the day to day of work, studies and fun because of its agility.

According to Josh Newman, VP of Mobile Innovation at Intel, the choice is one of the main highlights of the app:

The advantage we can bring to a Windows user who has a well-designed PC is not having to choose their device based on the computer they use. He has an iPhone, he has an Android phone, any device he wants to use will be able to connect with that capability.

In other words, if we stop to think about it, Mac owners should not change machines to enjoy this novelty, as the integration between the device and the iPhone is already satisfactory. Another example is the South Korean brand, its smartphones offer a competent connection through the Samsung Flow app.

Anyway, if those who use Windows, but don’t have simple options for synchronizing between gadgets, then Intel’s Unison could be a valid alternative. Of course, it all depends on your performance.

With information: The Verge.

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