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The device market 5G is on the rise, but the highlights almost always go to smartphones. A new modem with router from Intelbras received approval from Anatel, and the product allows the use of the fifth generation as an alternative to fixed internet in homes and offices.

Intelbras GX 3000 shares 5G internet with up to 128 devices via Wi-Fi 6 (Image: Reproduction)

The model in question is the GX 3000, a non-portable router that connects to the 5G network and also supports fixed connections via the Gigabit Ethernet port. The product, available in black and white, also works with 4G and 3G networks, and allows the use of a landline on the RJ-11 output.

Equipped with a Qualcomm 5DX62 chip, the product has two Gigabit Ethernet ports and also shares 5G internet on a network with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) for up to 128 devices, with a nominal speed of 3 Gb/s. The GX 3000 also makes it easy to expand the signal around the house as it supports additional units Wi-Fi Mesh.

5G modem Intelbras GX 3000 is also available in black
5G modem Intelbras GX 3000 is also available in black (Image: Reproduction)

Regarding connectivity to cellular networks, the GX 3000 seems to have the complete package for national operators: in addition to working with all Sub-6 frequencies used in Brazil, it supports 5G SA (Standalone) and NSA (Non-Standalone), with a maximum download speed of 3.4 Gb/s and an upload speed of up to 900 Mb/s, depending on the frequency and standard used.

O Intelbras website already includes the technical specifications and manuals of the GX 3000, but the price of the product has not yet been revealed. According to the approval certificate, the product will be produced in Brazil at the factory in São José (SC).

GX 3000 Technical Compliance Certificate
GX 3000 Technical Compliance Certificate (Image: Reproduction)

It is difficult to envision a current use for modems like the GX 3000. Despite the 5G has already arrived in some capitalsClaro, TIM and Vivo’s plans are still too limited to replace traditional fixed broadband.

Check out the pure mobile internet plans (that is, without telephony involved) sold by Brazilian operators:

operator Price and data allowance
clear 20 GB: BRL 73.99 monthly
40 GB: BRL 93.99 monthly
120 GB: BRL 110.99 monthly
TIM 50 GB: BRL 79.99 monthly
80 GB: BRL 107.99 monthly
Alive 100 GB: BRL 119.99 monthly

Considering that in the initial stage, 5G coverage is only present in a few capital districts, it is much more advantageous to hire fixed broadband. Mobile internet plans are usually only useful in areas where fiber optic or coaxial cable does not reach.

The use of cellular networks for broadband is not at all unreachable or impossible: in countries like England and the United States, operators sell 5G plans for fixed use with no data limit. In Brazil, Sky has unlimited internet through a 4G network, but recently started to use neutral fiber optic network with higher speeds.

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