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In a statement sent to customers on Wednesday (28), the Inter bank announced that it will make changes related to cashback. As a result, the cash back amount users receive for credit card purchases will be credited directly to the card statement (including additional cashback via Inter Pass). However, the change will not apply to Inter Shop products, Investments and Instant Credit.

Banco Inter (Image: Lucas Braga/APK Games)

THE The change will take effect from October 1st. and will affect all the bank’s customers. For comparison purposes, before, the cashback amount was received in the customer’s own digital account, who could use it any way they wanted. With the change, the money is linked to consumption on the credit card.

To have access to cashback, the customer will need to pay the full amount of the account by the due date. The amount will be credited within 7 days on the next invoice.

It is worth remembering that the percentage value of cash back is different for each type of card, and can vary between 0.25% and 1.25%. Inter specified as follows:

  • Gold Card: 0.25%;
  • Platinum Card: 0.50%;
  • Black Card: 1%;
  • Win Card: 1.25%.

Inter says cashback from Inter Shop and Investimentos doesn’t change

The digital bank confirmed that only the credit card and Inter Pass will undergo the changes. So, the Inter Shop, Investimentos and Instant Credit will remain the same as they are todaythat is, with the money falling into the digital account.

The first option is the Inter Shop, which offers more than 300 store options for the user to shop. The customer only needs to register and consume, however, the cashback is different for each establishment. You must wait 120 days for the money to be deposited into the registered account. There is no need to have an Inter bank account to use this feature.

Investback, the brand’s investment platform, asks people to invest in a fund. Then, a part of the profitability is shared, guaranteeing a minimum of 50% of the rebate in the form of cashback.

Finally, cashback on Instant Debit Credit is offered to anyone, even those who don’t have a pre-approved credit limit. It allows the customer to make a purchase in the credit mode, but the amount is debited directly from the current account. A percentage of the cashback is deposited within 30 days.

With information: Inter Bank.

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