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Although it is no longer sold by Apple’s official store, the iPhone 11 remains a very competent high-end smartphone these days, but with a big difference: you can buy the 64 GB version this Tuesday (27) for R$ 2,913.06 in cash with cashback applied.

iPhone 11 (Image: Paulo Higa / APK Games)

To get to that price that makes the product great value for money, you need to use a tip that we always share here on TB findings: activate the Zoom cashbackmaking login to their website before going to the online store.

This will ensure 6% cash back for you, which can be withdrawn to your bank account within 35 days of delivery of the product. Thus, the price announced by Fast Shop of R$3,099 in cash on Pix is ​​reduced by R$185.94.

If you need a model with more storage capacity, there is also the 128 GB at a discount, sold for R$ 3,499.00but leaves at the final value of BRL 3,289.06 in cash when applying the cashback of R$ 209.94.

Is it still worth buying an iPhone 11?

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in Apple’s latest releases, the iPhone 11 emerges as an attractive less expensive alternative, as it still offers a very good set of specs.

The A13 Bionic chip is still super capable of running the vast majority of applications without difficulties. The 4 GB of RAM remains the same even on the recently released iPhone 14, so the multitasking performance remains satisfactory.

Although the 6.1-inch screen uses an LCD panel with a 60 Hz refresh rate, the image quality is quite high, with 326 ppi and deep contrasts. There is also a scratch protection layer and the already consolidated notch from the iPhone X.

The camera set consists of 2 sensors at the rear, one with an ultrawide lens. Both, together with the front camera, have 12 MP of resolution and the ability to film in 4K at 60 FPS with HDR.

In terms of mobile connections, we have the absence of 5G and eSIM. However, these technologies are not yet fully disseminated across the country, which does not affect the final use for most users.

The battery has a capacity of 3,110 mAh, enough to spend a whole day unplugged with moderate use of apps, playing videos or music and taking occasional photos.

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