iPhone 15 Ultra may replace Pro Max in 2023 and bring USB-C

The word “Ultra” is on the rise. After the new bigger and tougher Apple Watch, the apple intends to launch the iPhone 15 Ultra to succeed the iPhone 14 Pro Max. But this is not the only novelty expected for 2023: in addition to the name, the mobile must replace the Lightning connector with the USB-C port – to the delight of almost everyone.

Successor to the iPhone 14 Pro Max (pictured) could be called the iPhone 15 Ultra (Image: Reproduction / Apple)

That’s what Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg. In your Sunday newsletter Power On, the journalist stated that, based on Apple’s current trends, the next iPhone could get a new look. In addition, the “Pro Max” edition would become known as “Ultra”.

You may be asking yourself, “I’ve seen that name somewhere”. In fact, in two: starting with Apple itself, this is the name of the Fuller version of Apple Watch announced in September. But the nomenclature appears in another well-known product: the Galaxy S22 Ultralaunched by Samsung at the beginning of the year.

There is still not much information about the iPhone 15 Pro. However, if the manufacturer really changes the name of the more expensive model, I imagine that there will be more differences between smartphones besides the screen size. After all, what would be the point of having a Pro variant and an Ultra edition, if both would be practically the same?

Return to the case of Samsung. In addition to Galaxy S22the South Korean brand revealed the Galaxy S22+ with a larger screen and small differences, such as the presence of Ultra Wideband (UWB). The Galaxy S22 Ultra, in addition to being the fullest of the trio, is the spiritual successor to the Galaxy Note 20, as it has a space to store the S Pen.

Lightning port may be out of date (Image: Salman Majeed/Unsplash)
Lightning port may be out of date (Image: Salman Majeed/Unsplash)

iPhone 15 Ultra may gain USB-C port

Another change would be the USB-C port. In his bets, Gurman pointed out that another trend would be the end of the Lightning connector in the successor to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Thus, the product would approach the MacBook, some iPads and other Android phones, which have already adopted the format as a universal standard a few years ago.

After all, a single cable could be used on any device, regardless of brand.

This isn’t the first speculation about the change. in mayMing-Chi Kuo said that Apple intends to adopt the new standard in 2023 releases. The analyst also pointed out, at the time, that the change would help increase the charging speed of the successors of the iPhone 14.

On the other hand, Apple tends to be forced to make the switch. In June, the European Union came to the understanding that the USB-C port should be standard on all cell phones on sale in the block, including the iPhone. European legislation, which is still under discussion, can also serve as the basis for a law in the United States.

With information: Engadget and Power On (Bloomberg)


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