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Another week comes to an end and of course I couldn’t miss the summary of the main discussions that took place there TB community. Galaxy Watch, Google Drive, Pirate IPTV, iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island and more. Come with me to check out these and other interesting topics that reverberated between the 10th and 16th of September. Ready? Come on! 😄

Is the first Galaxy Watch still worth it? (Image: Vitor Pádua / APK Games)

Is the first Galaxy Watch still worth it? 🤔

Many people have opted to try out the well-known smartwatches. But the question remains whether the old models are still worth it, mainly because of the price of the new models that have appeared on the market.

This was precisely the question yasmin_dantas there in TB community who asked the following:

question from yasmin dantas in the community

For the GigoCAP yes, even if the model does not have some functions that the most recent ones already have: “The Galaxy Watch of 2018? Yes it’s worth it. It won’t have functions like ECG or blood pressure monitor like Active 2 onwards, but to record exercises, sleep, etc., it’s worth it.”.

O Andre Gorgen also agree with this opinion:

I agree. I have a Galaxy Active 2 and it works very well, although its future is not very promising.

Just yesterday I went for a run using my watch and bluetooth headphones, without having to take my cell phone. I can even make payments via NFC without taking my cell phone. I know the Active 2 is a year younger, but the Galaxy Watch should be just as competent.

My Active 2 battery still lasts for 3 days even after 2 years of use. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 4 only lasts 2 days. I don’t plan on replacing my Active 2 as long as the battery lasts decently and the notification, payment and race features are working.

Galaxy Watch 5
Galaxy Watch 5 (Image: Disclosure / Samsung)

For the Keaton it’s worth it, but he points out that the product has been on the market for about 5 years. already the Emanuel_Schott believes it is not a valid purchase:

Not worth it. You will have a basic watch that you need to charge every day. Most functions have been discontinued.

So, what is your opinion on the matter? Do you think it still pays off or not? Or are you not very into smart watches like the imhotep? 👇

imhotep's answer in the tb community

Have an opinion on this matter? Comment there in the discussion in the TB Community. 😃

Other topics that resonated in the Community

Other interesting discussions were also featured in the last week. To follow all the opinions and also leave yours, just access the links below 👇

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In addition to all these topics raised by you in the Community, our team also produced stories that yielded a lot. Continue here to find out which were the agendas that caught the most attention in the last week.

TV and remote (Image: Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash)
To take down pirate IPTV, operators want to launch coordinated DDoS attacks (Image: Glenn Carstens-Peters/Unsplash)

The 5 best discussions about APK Games agendas

  1. To take down pirate IPTV, operators want to launch coordinated DDoS attacks
  2. You may see 5 ads before videos on YouTube unless you subscribe
  3. We’re tired of marathoning, Netflix
  4. iPhone up to 60x: BB launches credit to buy cell phones, PCs and more
  5. They have already managed to copy Dynamic Island from the iPhone 14 Pro on Xiaomi mobiles

Jeez! 😮 The Hungarian Communications Association is considering using DDoS attacks to take down pirated IPTV services in the European country. According to the agency, these illegal companies would be taking advantage of the internet to sell products irregularly, which harms the true beneficiaries. A DDoS attack is nothing more than an attempt to make some server, service or infrastructure unavailable.

And look at this one! One of the highlights of the iPhone 14 Pro, Dynamic Island has the function of taking advantage of the cell phone’s pill-shaped hole to display brief information and also notifications. But it was in the blink of an eye and Apple’s new featured feature has already appeared available on Xiaomi Android phones. 😅 Can you believe it?

Well, that’s all for today. Don’t forget to follow APK Games and participate in the discussions that take place at Community. To the next! ✌️

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