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In this episode 56 of hit killthe gaming podcast from technoblog, we poked at the hornet’s nest of game leaks to try to answer the question: are they always negative? Is there anything good to get out of this situation? Come listen to this episode with us, find out what we think and participate too!

It went bad, the game leaked! (Image: Vitor Padua/APK Games)

I am the Vivi Werneck and I present this episode in the company of Ricardo Syoziof André Leonardo and Ariel Liborio. Now enough talking (written) and play! Do you have questions, comments or suggestions for upcoming programs? Just send us: [email protected]

Throughout the episode, we cite some articles published here in technobloglike the review of The Last of Us – Part II and the special Ellie and Abby, Victims and Villains in TLoU – Part IIwhich you can read for a more in-depth look at our chat.

Games mentioned in Hit Kill 56’s “Game Tips”

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