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You don’t need the plastic to use yours credit card. With that in mind, the Itau presented, this Thursday (22), the Itaú Click Digital Mastercard Platinum, which does not have a physical version and can be used for purchases over the internet or with digital wallets. The product also offers zero annual fees to customers.

Itaú presents a fully digital credit card with no annual fee (Image: thomashobbs / Flickr)

The initiative is aimed at those who use cell phones and watches to make payments. According to the bank, the credit card guarantees a “100% digital journey”, as it does not have a physical version. Instead, the customer needs to use digital wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Payin physical stores.

The product is also available for online transactions. Through the Itaú application, users can generate a temporary number, which provides more security when buying clothes in an online store, for example, as it avoids headaches caused by data leaks. The service also offers a fixed number for recurring payments, such as subscriptions, delivery and more.

“The novelty reinforces the movement to encourage the use of digital payment modalities initiated by Itaú in June, with the launch of a national campaign that highlighted the advantages of using digital wallets and the virtual card – among them, the safety and practicality of using these modalities by cell phone, without the need to have the physical card in hand”, they announced.

Itaú Click Digital Mastercard Platinum (Image: Disclosure)
Itaú Click Digital Mastercard Platinum (Image: Disclosure)

Itaú’s digital credit card has no annual fee

The new digital card does not have an annual fee, but Itaú has not informed whether the new digital card will participate in the Iupp. On the other hand, when taking the physical edition into account, only the paid version of Itaú Click Mastercard Platinum offers the points program. Meanwhile, the free option lacks the benefit.

There is also no information about the advantages of the digital card. But the physical version without annuity offers Tag Itaú free of monthly fee and up to four additional ones. Customers of the existing edition are still entitled to the Mastercard Platinum banner benefitssuch as travel medical insurance, Global Emergency Assistance and more.

According to the bank, “the card is being tested initially by a restricted base of Itaú customers and employees”. But the product should be released to everyone by the end of the year.

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