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If you reached this post typing “tec3ad6 desc6nf5g4rad6” it is because you are probably having problems with your computer or notebook keyboard. There are a few reasons that could have caused this confusion on the keys, but for the most part, they can be resolved through simple commands or tweaks. See below for the main causes of misconfigured keyboards and what to do to fix them.

Windows notebook backlit keyboard (Image: Mirza Mustofa / Unsplash)

NumLock on/off

One of the most common reasons for keyboards to appear mangled is due to the use of the NumLock key. When activated on notebooks that don’t have a numeric keypad, it changes certain letters to its number function, which makes your text all messed up.

To solve this problem it is therefore necessary to disable the “NumLock” key. If it appears alone on your notebook, located on a button that has no other character, just press it to deactivate the function. If, however, it shares space with another character, it will be necessary to press the “Fn + NumLock” key to deactivate it.

In either case, whenever you want to switch between letter and number functions, use “NumLock” or “Fn + NumLock” to make the switch.

If it happens, however, that you don’t have some of the buttons on your machine or they are not working, make this deactivation using the virtual keyboard. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the button Windows or on “Start”;
  2. Go to “Settings”;
  3. In the bar on the left, click on “Accessibility”;
  4. In the “Interaction” section, tap on the “Keyboard” option;
  5. Activate the “Virtual Keyboard” option;
  6. On the virtual keyboard, click on the “Options” button;
  7. In the window that will open, check the option “Enable numeric keypad”;
  8. On the virtual keyboard, tap on the “NumLock” option, now visible;
  9. Disable the “Virtual Keyboard” option.

Ready! NumLock has been disabled and now your texts will be back to normal.

Image fonts - how to install fonts on Windows
Letters and numbers (Image: Fabien Barral/ Unsplash)

Change language

Have you ever thought about the possibility that the Windows keyboard is configured with another language?

To be sure if this is your problem, access the keyboard settings, confirm that the language is in Portuguese and, if necessary, make the necessary correction. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Click “Start”;
  2. Access the “Settings” of the system;
  3. In the bar on the left, access “Time and language”;
  4. Click on the “Language and Region” option;
  5. In the “Language” section, tap the three-dot icon for the “Portuguese (Brazil)” package or any other installed language and access “Language Options”;
  6. In the “Keyboard” section, confirm that the Portuguese package has been installed. If so, your keyboard language is correct. If not, tap on the “Add a keyboard” option;
  7. Click on the package “Portuguese (Brazil ABNT)” and that’s it, your keyboard will already have our language installed;
  8. To delete the previous pack with the wrong language, tap the three dots icon and click “Remove”.

How to change language in Windows shortcut

If you have more than one keyboard language (layout) installed, you can switch between them by tapping the respective icon on the Windows taskbar (located next to the clock) and choosing which one you want to use at the moment.

Another way is through a system shortcut: when pressing the “Windows” + Spacebar keys, the language is automatically changed. Windows 7 users can use the shortcut “Ctrl + Shift” to achieve the same result.

Notebook with Windows 11 (Image: Disclosure/Microsoft)
Notebook with Windows 11 (Image: Disclosure/Microsoft)

add new layout

If you notice that some characters on your keyboard such as potential numbers or ordinal indicators simply do not work, it is very likely that the layout installed on your computer is not the one with the default that enables these keys. This means that to make them work you need to add the correct layout.

In Brazil, the keyboard layout standard is usually ABNT and ABNT 2, but regardless of which one is already on your machine, you can add the other and switch between them, as needed.

In this text we explain in detail how to do this installation and what are the main differences between the two.

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