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A man reported that his arm was burned by a Galaxy Watch Active 2. According to him, the watch overheated and caused a third degree injury while he slept. The user has contacted Samsung to try to understand what may have caused the problem, but the company has not yet taken a position.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Image: Handout/Samsung)

The matter came to light this Monday (19) in a Reddit thread. According to the user, the 44mm Galaxy Watch Active 2 was on his wrist while he slept.

He claims that during sleep monitoring, the sensors on the underside of the watch would have overheated and caused a burn, he said, of the third degree.

According to the Ministry of Healthburns of this type affect all layers of the skin and are painless, which is the possible reason why the man only saw the wound when he woke up.

In the discussion shared on the social network, the user also published two photos of the wound: one from the day it happened and another a few days later, already a little better.

The customer said they contacted Samsung support but did not get an immediate response. According to him, the company promised to answer him “soon”.

O TechRadar also looked for the companybut at the time of publishing this article, Samsung had not responded to your request.

Fitbit devices also caused burns

In March of this year, Fitbit, a subsidiary of Google, announced a recall of watches from the Ionic line, launched in 2017, after receiving accusations from all over the world.

In all, there were 174 complaints that the company received. Of these, 115 were from the US and 59 were from other countries. It is worth mentioning that they all reported the same problem: that the watch battery overheated to the point of causing third-degree burns.

The problem was so serious that the note in which Fitbit requested the recall of wearables also warned users to stop using them immediately.

Fitbit Ionic

Although we do not know what really happened to the Samsung watch, it is worth remembering that the Galaxy Watch Active 2 was released three years ago and its intense use may have caused some battery problem.

However, this is not the first time that the South Korean has received complaints of burns. already exists until an investigation seeking to bring together people who have already been burned or injured with Galaxy Watches. The group’s goal is to file a class-action lawsuit against Samsung.

We are therefore waiting for an official statement from the company to know possible causes of overheating, how it intends to deal with it and if the episode was just a one-off.

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