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The list of emojis just got new members. This Tuesday (13th), the Unicode 15.0 was released with over thirty never-before-seen pink heart, goose, donkey, Wi-Fi signal and more stickers. The update is expected to reach all cell phones, computers and tablets in the coming months.

Emoji catalog won more than 30 stickers this Tuesday (23) (Image: Domingo Alvarez E/Unsplash)

The latest version of the Unicode standard guarantees the debut of 31 emojis, including color variations and skin tones. For starters, the relationship adds new animals, such as moose, jellyfish, goose, donkey and a black bird. There is also an expansion on vegetables, with images of a hyacinth, ginger and pea pod.

The objects are represented by the wing, fan, comb, maracas, flute figurines, in addition to the Khanda symbols and a Wi-Fi network. There is also the sign of a hand pushing both left and right with their respective skin tone variations. In terms of smiley faces, there’s a tremendous face.

Finally, users will also earn light blue, gray and pink hearts. As noted by the Emojipedia blog, the pink option is one of the most requested stickers since 2016. “I won’t be blown away by an iPhone update until it finally just has a regular pink heart emoji,” tweeted a person about six years ago.

New emojis from the Unicode 15.0 standard (Image: Reproduction/Unicode)
New emojis from the Unicode 15.0 standard (Image: Reproduction/Unicode)

New emojis to arrive in the coming months

Despite the official announcement by the Unicode consortium, this does not mean that everyone will have access to Emoji 15.0 right away. You have to wait for the update to apply on operating systems such as Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. Then you can use them normally.

The expectation is that the new stickers will reach the main platforms between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

Emojipedia also noted that this is the year with the fewest emoji suggestions by Unicode. In a comparison, the site noted that, in 2022, the consortium only recommended 31 stickers. Last year, there were 112 stickers indicated in Emoji 14.0, a value lower than the amount updated for Emoji 13.1: 217 faces.

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