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In order to have logistics more focused on sustainability, Mercado Livre announced that it will add about 400 electric vans to its fleet. Thus, by the end of 2022, the company should have an increase of 200% compared to last year, which was 270 vehicles. In addition to focusing on the environment, the company wants to optimize the delivery of products to customers, including on Sundays.

Caixa do Mercado Livre (Image: Publicity/Mercado Livre)

The 400 electric vans will be part of Mercado Livre’s sustainability practice in the coming months. These vehicles have a range of around 200 km and a capacity of 650 kg of payload, in an approximate number.

With this, the company’s fleet in Latin America will be doubled. More than 1,000 cars powered by electricity, including vans and trucks, will be incorporated into the brand’s work. Alongside Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico will also receive the vehicles.

As a result, the company intends to deliver even faster and more frequently, every day of the week.

Mercado Livre continues to invest in Brazil

Continuing its efforts in the market, the virtual store platform maintains its focus on product distribution. This is an important factor in the dispute against other brands like Amazon, Shopee and AliExpress.

One of the novelties, for example, was the arrival of the first cargo plane, the result of the partnership between Mercado Livre and Gol. Thus, the North, Northeast and Midwest regions will be the focus of the operation, which promises to speed up the shipment of items to customers.

In addition, the marketplace company opened at the end of 2021 a new distribution center, the seventh in the country. It was designed to optimize the delivery of home appliances and TVs over 50 inches. For the purpose of comparison, the Shopee has 6 such warehouses in Brazilwhile the Amazon has already reached 12 distribution centers here.

It is worth mentioning that the Free Market has been recovering its space in the industry recently. Just to illustrate, in April 2022, the The company went on to be worth US$ 51 billion, surpassing Sea, owner of Shopee.

Of course, we cannot forget that both brands have had drops in recent months, something related to the inflation registered in Latin America, in addition to other external factors.

Either way, investments don’t look like they’re going to stop anytime soon.

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