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The month of witches is approaching and, surrounded by this climate, Netflix decided to give more space to horror and suspense titles. Among the productions that arrive in October on the platform are The Midnight Cluba series created by Mike Flanagan, director of other streaming successes, and the film The Night Nurse, thriller starring Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne. Check out below details about these releases and the full list of news that land this month on the service.

The Midnight Club (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Series that premiere in October to keep an eye on 👀

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Day 07 – The Midnight Club – Based on the book of the same name by Christopher Pike, The Midnight Club It’s one of Netflix’s big bets this month.

In addition to being inspired by a consolidated and very successful work, the horror series was created by none other than Mike Flanagan (The Curse of Hill House and Midnight Mass), which has generated great expectations about the title.

For those who are curious, its plot tells the story of a group of terminal patients, residents of the same hospital, who decide to make a pact so that the first one to die sends a signal to those who remain.

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Day 25 – Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities – Full plate for those who like horror stories, Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities is an anthology series of eight hand-picked stories by the renowned filmmaker.

With the plots debuting in pairs over four days, the show will have its episodes directed by famous directors of the genre in the industry, who will even adapt stories by HP Lovecraft and Del Toro himself for the small screen.

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Day 26 – Inside Man – Four-episode BBC miniseries, Inside Man will debut on the Netflix catalog just a month after the US.

In addition to having a very thought-provoking trailer, the thriller also draws attention for having two great stars of Doctor Who involved in your project. The first of them is David Tennant himself, who made the tenth doctor and is one of the protagonists of Inside Man. The other is Steven Moffat, showrunner of the time travel series (as well as Sherlock and Dracula) and who works here as a scriptwriter for the production.

With a rather curious premise, which says that anyone can commit murder, just needing a good reason and a bad day, the title follows in the footsteps of a shrewd prisoner on death row, a priest and a man trapped in a prison. basement.

Movies that premiere in October to keep an eye on 👀

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Day 19 – The School for Good and Evil – There’s also a fantasy title coming this month on Netflix! Adaptation of the book series of the same name written by Soman Chainani, The School of Good and Evil counts with Charlize Theron in its cast.

Directed by Paul Feig, the teen feature tells the story of two best friends in love with magic, taken to study at the School of Good and Evil, a place that trains both heroes and villains. Very different, they find themselves enchanted by the world they have just discovered, but their friendship is also shaken when they realize that they might go the opposite way.

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Day 26 – The Night Nurse – Based on a true story, The Night Nurse it stars Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne.

With a terrifying plot, which has everything to leave the audience breathless, the film revolves around a lonely nurse, who lives for her daughters, and gets close to her new co-worker, a sweet and kind boy. A friendship, however, that soon takes another course, when the professional discovers that he is being investigated for killing his patients.

Other Series Coming in October on Netflix

  • Day 05 – Empire of Ostentation: Season 3
  • Day 05 – Send Well: Season 7
  • Day 05 – With you, Guerrero
  • Day 07 – The Saboteur
  • Day 07 – Derry Girls: Season 3
  • Day 08 – The Three Sisters
  • 19th to 26th – Blind Marriage: Season 3
  • Day 12 – Easy Kitchen: Everyday Chefs
  • Day 14 – Imperfect Match: Season 2
  • Day 14 – Take 1
  • Day 18 – Somebody Feed Phil: Season 6
  • Day 18 to 25 – Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3
  • Day 21 – Restart: Miniseries
  • Day 21 – Barbarians: Season 2
  • Day 28 – Big Mouth: Season 6
  • Day 28 – The Bastard Son of the Devil
  • Day 29 – Deadwind: Season 3

Other Movies Coming in October on Netflix

  • Day 01 – The Hunt
  • Day 03 – One Man
  • Day 05 – Mr. Harrigan
  • Day 05 – Life in Togo
  • Day 07 – A Very Lucky Girl
  • Day 12 – Times of Peace
  • Day 13 – Rental Wife
  • Day 14 – The Curse of Bridge Hollow
  • Day 17 – Xingu
  • Day 21 – 20th Century Girl
  • Day 27 – After Universe
  • Day 28 – Wendell & Wild
  • Day 28 – Nothing New on the Front

Documentaries and specials

  • Day 01 – The Adventures of Captain Underpants: The Movie
  • Day 01 – The Mighty Boss
  • Day 03 – Brazil 2002 – Behind the scenes of Penta
  • Day 05 – The 13 Survivors of the Cave
  • Day 06 – The Everest Earthquake
  • Day 07 – The Redemption Team
  • Day 07 – Talking to a Serial Killer: The Milwaukee Cannibal – Miniseries
  • Day 18 – LiSA Another Great Day
  • Day 26 – CEO on the Run: The Carlos Ghosn Story
  • Day 28 – I Am Stalker

For kids and family

  • Day 07 – The Curious World of James
  • Day 12 – Crazy Boy
  • Day 13 – Guardians of the Mansion of Terror: Season 2
  • Day 17 – Only Ten Percent is a Lie
  • Day 27 – Daniel the Magic Hunter
  • Day 27 – Family Reunion: Part 5


  • Day 13 – Exception
  • Day 27 – Romantic Killer

Excited for Netflix’s October premieres? Tell us which titles you want to watch!

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