How to identify deepfake to escape false information – Antivirus and Security – APK Games

when i heard about deepfake For the first time, I was fascinated by the idea of ​​an artificial intelligence recreating a person’s facial expressions on video. But it soon became clear that the technology could be dangerous. Deepfakes have been used for political manipulation, for example. If so, is it possible to find out when … Read more

Revenue Auction has Apple Watch, iPad and Xiaomi headphones – APK Games

THE IRS This Wednesday (14th) the receipt of bids for yet another auction of seized products ends. There are lots with various Apple Watches, iPads, smartwatches and wireless headphones. The products are grouped in large sets with high prices. Apple Watch (Image: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels) The lots can have thousands of products, and initial bids that … Read more

Google takes discount on record fine involving Android, but will have to pay – APK Games

O General Court of the European Union decided, this Wednesday (14), that Google will have to pay the historic fine, imposed in 2018, for understanding that the company violated antitrust laws of the economic bloc. However, the penalty, which was 4.3 billion euros, was reduced to 4.125 billion euros (about R$ 21.3 billion). Google (Image: … Read more

meet the new Emoji 15.0 – APK Games

The list of emojis just got new members. This Tuesday (13th), the Unicode 15.0 was released with over thirty never-before-seen pink heart, goose, donkey, Wi-Fi signal and more stickers. The update is expected to reach all cell phones, computers and tablets in the coming months. Emoji catalog won more than 30 stickers this Tuesday (23) … Read more

To take down pirate IPTV, operators want to launch coordinated DDoS attacks – APK Games

THE Hungarian Communications Association is considering using DDoS attacks to try to take down pirated IPTV services in the European country. According to the agency, illegal companies would be taking advantage of internet access to illegally sell content, harming the true beneficiaries, who have failed to collect millions annually. Hungarian Communications Association wants to launch … Read more