TikTok wants to make it difficult for politicians to get electoral funds through the app – APK Games

O TikTok announced this Wednesday (21) that it is updating its guidelines on political accounts. Among the changes is the decision to ban all forms of fundraising for campaigns. The determination is valid for all countries in which the app operates, especially in the US, which will have elections for Congress in November. TikTok (Image: … Read more

TIM is obliged to improve customer satisfaction by determination of Anatel – APK Games

In 2020, TIM and Anatel signed a TAC (Term of Adjustment of Conduct), a practice that allowed the operator to exchange the payment of a fine for improvements in telecommunications services. After changes in the methodology of indicators, the agency changed one of the criteria and tele will have the second highest possible grade of … Read more

AI scans public cameras to find out how Instagram photos were taken – APK Games

Dries Depoorter is the mind behind an artificial intelligence that can be extremely useful and, at the same time, terrifying. Believe me: the system is able to find the exact place and time when a photo posted on Instagram was taken. Named from The Follower (literally, “The Follower”), the 31-year-old Belgian introduced his creation last … Read more

Operator is sentenced to US$ 1.1 billion for death of internet customer – APK Games

The murder of an 83-year-old woman in Dallas County, USA, prompted a judge to order a telecommunications company to pay about $1.1 billion in damages. The killer was working for Charter Communications when he visited the victim to install network cables. He committed the crime in the old woman’s own home. Charter Communications Building (Image: … Read more