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British protocols regarding the death of Queen Elizabeth II remain in effect. After being taken to Westminster Hall at the Palace of Westminster in London, the monarch’s body can now be visited by the public wishing to bid farewell to the sovereign. The goodbye line is now 6.5 kilometers long and has gained a personalized map, with live updates on YouTube.

Queen Elizabeth II (Image: Reproduction / gov.uk)

Starting this Thursday (15), Queen Elizabeth II’s farewell line has become, in itself, an event watched around the world. Strategically organized by the government, it follows a route that borders the River Thames and has a logistics scheme so that the entire public can safely say goodbye to the monarch.

The wait time for this, however, can be long. “If you wish to attend the funeral in person, please note that there will be a line, which must be very long. You will need to be on your feet for many hours, possibly overnight, with very little opportunity to sit down as the line will be moving continuously.”makes clear the page of the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport of the United Kingdom.

Queue to see the queen is already kilometers long and livestream on YouTube / DCMS / Disclosure
Official map shows the route of the queue to say goodbye to the queen (Image: Disclosure / DCMS)

Precisely for this reason, a full route map was made available on the government website. In it, you can see all the restrooms, drinking fountains and first-aid stations installed by the police along the way. Each of these stops can be used quickly by the visitor, as a numbered wristband is given to each person in line, guaranteeing their position.

O twitter it’s the Facebook of the institution are also constantly being fed with information about the queue. During the production of this text, even social networks pointed out that the estimated waiting time was already 9 hours.

YouTube broadcast shows end of queue

To facilitate the direction of those who intend to pay their last tribute to the queen, the British government also decided to make a live streaming on youtube which shows the exact location of the end of the queue.

The livestream uses a geolocation system called what3words, which manages to map every three square meter space of the terrestrial globe through a combination of three words. In practice, this means that anywhere in the world has a “fixed three-term address” that can be used to locate it.

YouTube video

At the moment, the queue for the farewell to the monarch already exceeds 6.5 kilometers in length, but the government has planned to install toilets and other amenities at about 16 kilometers. The wake open to the public ends on Monday (19), when the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II takes place at Windson Castle.

With information: gov.uk, mashable and Reuters


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