Rumor says iPad and Roblox lock in “mourning mode” for Queen Elizabeth II

After the confirmation of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the UK government set long mourning dates. However, the internet took this a little too literally, creating bad taste jokes on the subject. For example, a rumor points out that the game roblox was disconnecting from its servers until the 19th of September due to the death of the monarch – which is not true. Similar cases involve the iPad and even the Nintendo Switch.

Queen Elizabeth II wax statue at Madame Tussauds in Vienna, Austria (Image: Neo_II/Flickr)

One of the rumors claims that if someone tries to play roblox in the UK, the game will simply disconnect. The reason appears soon after, stating that the experience is unavailable during the royal mourning period until the 19th of September.

This is a lie, of course.

As for the iPad, a tweet warns users not to change the language to British English, or the device would go into “mourning” until September 19, when the act officially ends.

Of course, if you make the change, the tablet will still work.

Maybe you understand that it’s all a joke, but the Associated Press insisted on clarifying the case. “There is no truth to this rumor,” confirmed a Nintendo spokesperson. The AP. “There have been no changes to the locations where Roblox is available globally,” said a Roblox spokesperson.

Nintendo has truths and lies on the matter

Just as rumors arose about Roblox and the iPad, Nintendo was not left out of social media pranks involving Queen Elizabeth II.

Rumors claimed that if the user changed the Switch’s language to British English, the console would go into sleep mode for the next few days. We can define this as good old fashioned bullshit.

It is true, however, that Nintendo made a global broadcast on Tuesday (13), but did not include the United Kingdom to respect the period of mourning. The presentation, which made the title of the next The Legend of Zeldabecame available to the British shortly after the livestream ended.

With information: CNET.

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