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Looking for a smart entry-level 65-inch TV with good viewing angles to watch the World Cup in your living room? In the Americanas app, the Samsung 65″ 4K TV AU8000 is almost R$ 1,000 cheaper with coupon and cashback. Check out in the next lines how to take advantage of this offer.

Smart TV Samsung AU8000 (Image Vitor Pádua/APK Games)

Initially, it was launched for R$ 6,499. Today, it is already possible to find it for R$ 4,000 in cash at retail. But in this offer findsthis price still improves, and the 65″ Samsung 4K TV goes for R$ 3,060. To do so, add it to the cart using the MAIS10 coupon via the Americanas app until the value is R$3,600. Then, pay cash at Ame or credit card to enjoy cashback of R$540.

💰 How does Ame cashback work?

If you do not know use cashback Ameit works like this: up to 30 days after a cashback purchase, the balance (R$ 540) is available in your wallet love digital. Although you can’t withdraw this money, you can use it in different ways through the app itself. For example, as a “discount” on other purchases at Americanas and partner stores, buying prepaid Uber or iFood cards, and even cell phone top-ups.

TB findings: real curation of offers, no tail tied (Image: Guilherme Reis/APK Games)
TB findings: real curation of offers, no tail tied (Image: Guilherme Reis/APK Games)

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📺 Is it worth buying the Samsung 4K TV on offer?

According to Zoom’s pricing history, this is the best value charged for 65 inch Samsung AU8000 TV since may. In addition, it is about R$500 cheaper than the last find of its successor — which has already gone up in price. And as we mentioned in the BU8000 offer, the main differences are not in the screen, but in the presence of the Gaming Hub, Sound Sync and the solar remote.

That is, you, your family and friends should still be able to watch the games with good viewing angles and satisfactory sound pressure. In addition, Samsung Smart TV comes with fluid and intuitive software to provide an excellent experience. And when the schedule changes, the app store is also very complete, and it shouldn’t be difficult to find your favorite streams.

Finally, to know more details about it, you can read or watch the video of review made by technoblog:

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