Samsung, Americanas and more companies open free technology training – APK Games

the programs free technology training can help anyone who wants to start a new career or delve into some subject. In the second half of September, the Samsung Ocean will host activities on game development, IoT and more. THE American is also offering scholarships to college students and recent graduates with tracks in data science and programming (back-end and front-end). Check out the details about these and other courses below.

Companies offer free technology training (Image: Christina Morillo / Pexels)

Samsung Ocean – Game creation, IoT and more

Samsung Ocean released the activity calendar for the second half of September. From the 16th, Samsung’s training and technological innovation program will have free actions on game development, Internet of Things (IoT), in addition to meetings on foodtechs and the metaverse. To participate, simply access the project website and check the agenda:

Americanas – scholarships for university students

Americanas SA will offer 20,000 scholarships to university students and recent graduates. Known as Americanas Futuro Polo Tech, the technology training program will work with tracks on data science and programming (back-end and front-end). Applications are open until September 21, 2022:

Embraer – bootcamp for black people

Embraer also has the Embraer Social Tech Careers program, a free bootcamp for people of color. In all, the platform offers 1,000 vacancies for those who want to delve into the Python language. But you have to hurry, as registration closes this Sunday (18):

Canada – Scholarship for IT Professionals

If you want to pursue a career in another country, then you better be on the lookout for this opportunity. according to Digital Convergence, the Government of Québec, in partnership with DIO, is offering free scholarships focusing on Java and Spring Framework. Applications are open until October 7, 2022: hate me.

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