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If you are looking for an entry-level Smart TV with excellent software and a good gaming experience, the Samsung BU8000 can be a great choice. In this Americanas offer, you can already find the 65-inch model 46% cheaper than at launch. And the best, The Samsung BU8000 TV is coming out for a lower price than its predecessor. Check out how to enjoy it in the next few lines.

Samsung BU8000 4K TV (Image: Handout/Samsung)

Initially, the BU8000 was launched by Samsung for R$6,499. But in this finding, you can already find it for R$ 3,894.99 paying in cash on your credit card. And by adding the MAIS10 coupon, through the Americanas website or app, the price of Samsung BU8000 TV still drops to R$ 3,525.48 in cash. That is, a discount of 46% in relation to the launch value.

📺 Is it worth buying the Samsung BU8000 TV?

When compared to the previous generation, Samsung’s TV had few upgrades. Which is not bad news, as the BU8000 is cheaper than its predecessor in this promotion. In addition, being a newer model, it also guarantees more time for software updates – which is one of the main strengths of Samsung Smart TVs.

So, before talking about the news, it is worth mentioning that the Samsung AU8000 TV has already been tested by technoblog, and much of what was seen in it should be repeated in the BU8000. Mainly the VA LCD panel that, despite the limitations of the category, delivers good viewing angles, should please most consumers and even accompany the games — thanks to the input lag between 15 and 20 milliseconds in our tests.

In addition, the Samsung BU8000 TV keeps the system fluid, intuitive and with a rich app store. But with a new Smart Hub interface, which highlights more movies, series and games on a single screen. Speaking of games, another novelty is the Samsung Gaming Hub, the brand’s game streaming platform that already dedicated Xbox app, with Game Pass and Cloud Gaming.

And if you have a soundbar at home, you’ll still benefit from the new Sound Sync to Speaker feature. If not, the sound pressure of the TV itself should be satisfactory. Finally, solar remote control (SolarCell), previously restricted to Samsung’s most expensive TVs, also comes with the Samsung BU8000 TV. It can be charged via natural, artificial light or the USB cable included in the box.

🛍️ Where can I find more offers like this?

TB findings: real curation of offers, no tail tied (Image: Guilherme Reis/APK Games)
TB findings: real curation of offers, no tail tied (Image: Guilherme Reis/APK Games)

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